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Soil posters

Soil (c) James Hutton Institute
"Soil is an integral part of a terrestrial ecosystem and fulfils numerous functions, including the capacity to generate biomass and the filtering or buffering activities between the atmosphere and the groundwater

This series of posters around Scottish soils was originally designed in collaboration with Geography teachers from Scottish schools. In light of the enlightened public interest in soils as a result of 2015 being the International Year of Soils, they were updated.

Please enjoy working with this information whether you are a teacher, pupil, mother, father, grandparent, son or daughter, and celebrate the great diversity of soils we have in Scotland and the many functions they deliver to enrich our lives.

1. What is Soil?(PDF file, 2MB)

2. Soil Terminology (PDF file, 1.4MB)

3. Brown Earths (PDF file, 1.5MB)

4. Podzols (PDF file, 1.9MB)

5. Gley Soils (PDF file, 2MB)

6. Peats (PDF file, 0.5MB)

7. Sand Dunes 1 (PDF file, 1.7MB)

8. Sand Dunes 2 (PDF file, 1.6MB)

9. Moorlands 1 (PDF file, 1.8MB)

10. Moorlands 2 (PDF file, 1.6MB)

Soils of the Crofts posters

1. What is in our soils? (English, PDF file, 3MB) (Gaelic, PDF file, 3MB)

2. How are soils formed? (English, PDF file, 506KB) (Gaelic, PDF file, 501KB)

3. Soil variation (English, PDF file, 532KB) (Gaelic, PDF file, 525KB)

Contact: Lorna Dawson

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