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2022 ISRR Medal Lecture on Root Research

2022 ISRR Medal Lecture on Root Research

This years’ ISRR (International Society of Root Research) Dundee root medal and workshop took place on 9th November, on the theme of “Understanding the root, soil, microbe nexus, what really controls root distribution in soils”.

An annual event is for scientists interested in root research and the plant/soil interface, it was hosted by the James Hutton Institute and took the form of a virtual meeting with an international audience of 360 interested registrants, including scientists from many regions of the world including USA, China, India and across Europe.

The workshop included a variety of engaging talks and posters from the University of Nottingham, the University of Aberdeen as well as Institute itself; covering the control of root distribution in soil with depth, with highlights from research looking at how gravity (gravitropism), water (hydrotropism), soil conditions and microorganisms interact with roots to effect root and rhizosphere development in soils.

The Dundee Roots Medal which is presented annually to a scientist who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of root research, was presented this year to Professor Malcolm Bennettof the University of Nottingham.His medal lecture was titled “A novel plant water sensing mechanism: Hydraulic flux responsive hormone redistribution determines root branching”.

Feedback on the event has been immensely positive. Thanks to our IT colleague Malcolm Collie for his invaluable support which allowed this to be such success.

Watch Root Medal Lecture: Dundee Root Medal Lecture 2022 - YouTube

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