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Crop research updates presented at BBSRC/KTN conference

Barley (c) James Hutton Institute
"I am looking forward to the collaborations that will arise as a result of this conference

Drs Hazel Bull and Lionel Dupuy, from the James Hutton Institute, joined fellow scientists from across the UK in sharing crop research updates at the New Frontiers in Crop Research Conference, organised by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the Knowledge Transfer Network last week in London.

The meeting saw presentations from Drs Bull and Dupuy on Crop Improvement Research Club (CIRC) and Horticulture and Potato Initiative (HAPI) funded projects, dealing with research related to malting barley quality, root phenotyping and root-soil interactions.

Featuring over 40 representatives from 25 institutions across the UK, the meeting focussed on promoting collaborations essential for innovation in the agri-food sector, with particular emphasis on projects supported by BBSRC’s industry clubs and the support given to academic-industry partnerships.

“It was fantastic to meet such a diverse group of delegates from academia and industry. I am looking forward to the collaborations that will arise as a result of this conference”, Dr Dupuy commented.

Dr Bull’s presentation disseminated the results of a successful BBSRC CIRC funded collaboration between the Institute's Barley Genetics Group, commercial barley breeding community (KWS, Syngenta, Secobra Recherches, Limagrain), MAGB (Maltsters Association of Great Britain), SWRI (Scottish Whisky Research Institute) and Campden BRI which furthered the understanding of the genetics underlying consistent malt processability, a key factor in the uptake of barley varieties for the brewing and distilling industries.

Dr Bull said: “In addition to disseminating the results of our BBSRC CIRC funded project ‘Improving the processability of malting barley', the conference provided an excellent opportunity to highlight some of the recent advances in barley genome technologies developed by researchers at the Institute which could be used on future projects.”

Further details about the event are available on the BBSRC website

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