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Fatty acids and lipids under the spotlight

Delegates of Fatty Acids and Lipids course 2019 (c) James Hutton Institute
"It attracts a good range of people from sectors including food development, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, oleochemical and cosmetics, and we also strengthen working relationships"

Lipids are an essential ingredient in a variety of industries including food and drink, health and biosciences, and play a fundamental role in biological functions such as storing energy, signaling and the structuring of our cell membranes. Nine delegates visited the James Hutton Institute in Dundee for a course in fatty acids and lipids run by the Institute's commercial subsidiary, James Hutton Limited, and its specialist lipid analysis lab, Mylnefield Lipid Analysis.

The course featured participants from businesses including Friesland Campina, New Holland Extraction, Imperial Oil, BASF, University of Reading and from as far away as TASA in Peru, together with Hutton scientists and colleagues from Mylnefield Lipid Analysis.

Lectures focus on the chemistry, biology and analysis of fatty acids and lipids and are presented by leading experts including Dr Charlie Scrimgeour, who was involved with establishing Mylnefield Lipid Analysis and is still a consultant to the business, and Peter Clough, also a Mylnefield Lipid Analysis consultant who has a wealth of experience working with the omega-3 and omega-6 oils in particular with respect to processing, product development and nutritional/clinical trials.

The programme also included lectures by Professor Terry Smith, an internationally recognised expert in the area of lipidomics and in particular its applications in parasitology and other pathogens, and Dr Gary Dobson, a senior research scientist whose publications include studies on complex mycobacterial lipids, cyclic fatty acids formed in frying oils, lipids in seed oils and pomaces.

Dr Jonathan Snape, Head of James Hutton Limited, said: “It is a pleasure to welcome delegates to our fatty acids and lipids course which has run successfully for around two decades. It attracts a good range of people from sectors including food development, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, oleochemical and cosmetics, and they always seem to make the most of their time with us by asking lots of questions between lectures and taking advantage of the laboratory tour that we offer.

"Many course delegates are already Mylnefield Lipid Analysis customers, so we find that we also strengthen working relationships by putting faces to names and enabling customers to see where their samples go and the instrumentation we use. Many delegates will recommend the course to their colleagues for the following years, so it clearly makes a positive impact on both the individuals and businesses that attend.”

Course delegate Laurent David, from scientific consultants Ypso Facto, commented: “For me, the course was a good opportunity to refresh my knowledge about lipids and to find out more about James Hutton activities. The cadence between the different topics was very efficient and dynamic. I would expect the course to bring benefits to my daily work and I also think it would be very useful for companies training new employees.”

The next Fatty Acids and Lipids course is scheduled to take place in February 2020; exact dates to be confirmed. For further information on Mylnefield Lipid Analysis and its services, visit their dedicated website.

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