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New fellowships and studentships for land use research

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"These new positions are a major boost to that effort and we are delighted to join forces with MDT to enable the development and training of new researchers in this way

Achieving increased levels of productivity through sustainable land use and natural resource management is key to meet the demands of food and energy supply. To help meet those challenges, the James Hutton Institute and the Macaulay Development Trust (MDT) have announced £1.3 million of new funding to support a cluster of four new fellowships and four studentships to explore issues such as renewable energy, remote sensing, resource-efficient water systems, socio-economic studies and biodiversity.

Colin Campbell, Director of Science Excellence at the James Hutton Institute, said: “Our organisation is a world leader in land, environmental and socio-economic sciences, and we strive to seek solutions for some of the most pressing global issues in natural resource management. These new positions are a major boost to that effort and we are delighted to join forces with MDT to enable the development and training of new researchers in this way.”

Eric Baird, Chair of MDT, commented: “We are happy to support these initiatives, as the Trust exists in large part to encourage excellence in research towards sustainable land management, and the James Hutton Institute is the leading Scottish centre working on this issue. The current proposals will undoubtedly make a major contribution to the field, inform our scientific understanding and have significant policy relevance.”

The fellowships represent new areas of study that will bring in the highest calibre scientists, offering generous support to start new programmes of research that will benefit from the existing expertise and world class facilities at the Institute.

The James Hutton Institute Postgraduate School has over 120 students from many different nationalities and registered at 32 different universities from across the globe. It offers PhD projects across a wide range of subject areas, providing opportunities for the most promising postgraduate students in a research environment where technical and intellectual competency can flourish. During the last academic year, more than 30 students enrolled in the school.

The support and mentoring PhD students receive throughout their studies from their Institute supervisors and the Postgraduate Student Liaison Team provide them with a comprehensive range of scientific and transferable skills demanded by today's scientists in order to make a major contribution to the study of key global issues.

For more details on the studentships, please see the list of opportunities for 2014 PhD projects at the James Hutton Institute. The first fellowship in Agricultural Economic Modelling is advertised on our Careers page. Closing date 8 January 2014.

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