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Over 1300 visitors welcomed during Open Farm Sunday 2019

Visitors participating building their own sand towers and learning about soil
"It was a fantastic effort with great ideas on show, telling the public our story and what we do"

The James Hutton Institute welcomed over 1300 visitors to its Dundee site during Open Farm Sunday in Invergowrie, the celebration of farming and nature that gives everyone the opportunity to discover the story behind their food.

Managed by Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF), Open Farm Sunday has welcomed more than 2.2 million visitors since 2006.

Hutton exhibits on offer included Scotland's Vegetable Map, created in the Living Field Garden to highlight the diversity of Scotland’s vegetable and fruit production, and promote understanding of where these crops are grown, where our food comes from, how much of it is grown locally and whether we can grow more of our food within Scotland’s borders.

Also hugely popular were exhibits highlighting Scotland’s newest soft fruit, the zing-tastic honeyberry; new bean product tastings; the history of barley and potatoes; how farming can reduce carbon emissions; vertical farming technology; the importance of soil, and why we need to protect the UK’s plant health, along perennial favourites such as tractor tour rides, farming machinery and face painting.

Chief Executive Professor Colin Campbell commented: “It was a fantastic effort with great ideas on show, telling the public our story and what we do. Thanks also to Intelligent Growth Solutions and Dundee Astronomical Society and other friends who joined us to make this a success.

The many fun items for visitors really helped present our science and our institute in a great light. Once again we got great feedback from the public on what we do and how friendly and helpful our staff were. Huge thanks to everyone involved in planning, prepare and deliver our Open Farm Sunday at Invergowrie.”

Open Farm Sunday will return on 7th June 2020, and then on 13th June 2021.

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