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Partnership to develop seaweed potential shortlisted for Aquaculture Award

David Beattie, KTP associate
"Seaweeds have the potential to provide greener feeds to support Scotland’s enviable reputation as a producer of high-quality meats"

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between the James Hutton Institute and Davidsons Animal Feeds aiming to explore seaweed-based feeds, with associated benefits in terms of meat quality and a reduced carbon footprint, has been shortlisted for an Aquaculture Award 2020 in the Collaboration category.

It is well-known that seaweeds are eaten by ruminants in the wild. There is considerable evidence of improvement in meat quality and health in animals fed with seaweed. This KTP project aims to pinpoint the ideal seaweeds for use in ruminant feeds based on their nutritional value, with a particular interest in protein content. This could reduce our reliance on produce imported from overseas.

KTPs create a dynamic three-way partnership between a company, a talented Graduate (the KTP Associate who acts as the Project Manager) and an expert academic team - in this case, the James Hutton Institute through Dr Gordon McDougall, and KTP associate David Beattie, of Davidsons Animal Feeds.

Organised by Aquaculture UK, the Aquaculture Awards recognise the achievements in different elements of the sector and give due recognition to those making an exceptional contribution to the industry, now and in the future. They are open to everyone involved in the global aquaculture industry, no matter how large or small.

The new Collaboration category is sponsored by the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling and seeks to highlight initiatives in which companies and/or academic institutions have opted to work together to solve key challenges facing the industry, eschewing competition in favour of the good of the sector as a whole.

The Aquaculture Awards 2020 Presentation and Dinner will be held on Wednesday 16 September 2020, from 19.00 in the Osprey Arena, Macdonald Aviemore Resort. For more details visit, and to learn more about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, visit

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