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Scientists launch Dundee Medal Lecture series in plant root research

Scientists met for the first Dundee Medal Lecture in plant root research
"Scientists in Dundee are performing internationally leading research in this area, in the biological, physical and engineering sciences.

A group of researchers from the James Hutton Institute in Dundee held the first of a ten-year series of lectures at the cutting edge of science below our feet, to coincide with 2015 as the International Year of Soils.

The lecture series is a legacy from the highly successful conference by the International Society for Root Research, that drew 340 scientists from 38 countries to Dundee in 2012. The inaugural Medal Lecture was held in the Dalhousie Building of the University of Dundee, with Professor Jonathan Lynch of Penn State University, USA, on the topic of “Roots of the second green revolution”.

The meeting was additionally supported by the Scottish Food Security Alliance, a recent initiative between the James Hutton Institute and the universities of Dundee and Aberdeen.

Professor Jonathan Lynch said: “Sustaining 10 billion people in a degrading environment is a major challenge of the 21st century. We need to develop agricultural systems that are more resilient and require fewer inputs.

"We are developing ways to select crops with improved root systems that will have better, more stable yields in soils subject to drought and nutrient deficiencies."

Dr Glyn Bengough, from the James Hutton Institute and the University of Dundee, commented: “We are delighted that Professor Lynch has returned to Dundee to strengthen collaborative research links and launch this exciting, decade-long series of lectures on root research. Scientists in Dundee are performing internationally leading research in this area, in the biological, physical and engineering sciences.”

Professor Iain Gordon, Chief Executive of the James Hutton Institute, commented: “Crops are the linchpin for supporting the future food production that is urgently required to meet the needs of a growing human population. Roots garner the nutrients and water crops need to meet their production potential.

“We at the James Hutton Institute are fortunate to have a world class group of scientists working on plant roots. We look forward to working with global research leaders, such as Professor Lynch, to provide the underpinning research needed to meet the challenges facing the world.”

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