Acacia Marshall

Research Assistant
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
T: +44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

I joined the Social Economic and Geographical Sciences department (SEGS) in 2022 as a graduate research assistant. In 2023, I progressed to this role as a Research Assistant and am part of the Environmental Governance Group.

Following an Undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations, I have interests in Environmental governance, climate change and how this relates to changing communities and migration. At university, my work focussed on instances of climate migration occurring in Mozambique and analysed this phenomenon using a feminist framework. My research interests are varied, and I take a particular interest in research that aims to empower communities and bring to light narratives of research participants that are key to informing suitable policy.

My role too is varied, as I help to facilitate the delivery of qualitative and quantitative research projects. This includes participant recruitment, conducting interviews, co-planning and co-facilitating workshops and contributing to literature reviews and reports.

Currently I am working on projects that have a focus on changes in rural communities and land reform, funded by the Scottish Government RESAS Strategic Research Programme (SRP) 2022-27. These are E1 and E2, which are looking at how rural and island communities are changing and what process can facilitate resilient change; and E3 and Green Land Investment


Technical / contract reports

  • McKee, A.; Beingessner, N.; Pinker, A.; Marshall, A.; Currie, M.; Hopkins, J. (2023) The Social and Economic Impacts of Green Land Investment in Rural Scotland, Published on Scottish Government website
  • Waylen, K.A.; Marshall, A. (2023) Defining Rewilding for Scotland’s Public Sector, Research and Analysis Report, the Scottish Government
  • McKee, A.; Marshall, A. (2023) Understanding community access to land data, Scotland’s Land Reform Futures webpage, The James Hutton Institute
  • MacLean, L.; Marshall, A.; Somervail, P.; Conniff, A.; Irvine, K. (2023) Children and young people’s engagement with nature: A narrative review, Interim report.