Aleksandra Okpo

Laboratory Technician
Cell and Molecular Sciences
T: 01382568887
I have graduated from Abertay University where I studied Biotechnology course which was my continuation pathway from Aarhus Technical collage - Denmark. Study in Denmark really helped me to learn all techniques I know today starting with a year apprenticeship in Panum Institute - Copenhagen, where I worked mostly in chemistry lab. I was more drawn into biology and food related science and that's how I started my journey with the Institute as a student where I did my last year University's project on mechanical potato bruising. I really liked it, so when the opportunity of temporary contract came about I didn't hesitate to apply and that is how my career in JHI began. Starting in 2013 with a work on elicitors effect on radish, broccoli and cabbage that led to permanent technical position with cereal pathology group. I spend 10 years working with barley and Rhynchosporium and other pathogens. After that I had an opportunity to enlarge my area of expertise and I worked shortly with nematology group. I am now supporting Arabidopsis research getting to know more techniques as well as other plants/crops on which researchers within the Institute work with.