Angela Main

Research Assistant
Environmental and Biochemical Sciences
T: +44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)
Angela graduated in 1987 with an honours degree in Physical Sciences (Chemistry) and has over 30 years laboratory experience including the analysis of drinking waters, effluents ,waste waters and core analysis. Since joining the institute in 2001 she has worked in microbiology and molecular biology gaining experience of phospholipid fatty acid analysis (PLFA), microresp, DNA extractions and mTRFLP of soils. After 2012 she has been working in the FTIR spectroscopy section on a mixture of commercial and RESAS funded research projects. She has vast experience of spectral interpretation.


Technical / contract reports

  • Robertson, J.; Main, A.M.; K Haghi, R. (2023) Developing an FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectroscopic tool for monitoring soil organic carbon, End of project report for MDT
  • Robertson, J.; Donaldson-Selby, G.; Parker, T.; Main, A.; Watson, H.; Cooper, P.; Smart, C. (2022) Analysing Carbon Losses from Peatland, Zenodo, 10.5281/zenodo.7386670.

Conference papers

Conference posters / abstracts

  • Robertson, J.; Main, A.M.; K Haghi, R. (2023) FTIR A Novel Method for Assessment of Soil Health , Healthy Soils Stakeholder Meeting, 21 March 2023, Edinburgh
  • Mitchell, R.J.; Hewison, R.; Haghi, R.K.; Robertson, A.J.; Main, A.; Owen, J. (2020) Functional and ecosystem service differences between
    tree species implications for tree species replacement., British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Edinburgh 14-17 December 2020, Online. (Poster)
  • Robertson, A.H.J.; Main, A.M.; Haghi, R. (2018) What can FTIR analysis tell you?
    , The James Hutton Institute Annual Research Symposium, Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen, 29 November 2018.
  • Perez-Fernández E.; Main A., Robertson, A.H.J. (2017) Comparison of mid infrared spectroscopy and near mid infrared spectroscopy for prediction of soil properties for a national spatial dataset., Pedometrics 2017, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 26 June – 1 July 2017. Book of Abstracts, p190.