Dr. Chiara Campoli

Barley geneticist
Cell and Molecular Sciences

Chiara is a geneticist and has worked in barley genetic research for over 12 years. Her research focus on understanding the role of the cuticle, a primary line of defence for plants against environmental stresses. Her work, exploiting a variety of genetic resources (natural and induced mutations, available germplasm, mapping populations) identified key genes controlling cuticle synthesis and accumulation and having a broader impact on other fundamental traits (e.g., stomata development and seed quality). Chiara is interested in understanding how variation at these genes impacts barley’s adaptation to different environments and, ultimately, how this knowledge can be utilised for sustainable crop production.

2023-2026: BBSRC Response Mode. Understanding epidermal development in cereals (Facing Forwards, BB/Y001990/1) (Co-I)