Douglas Wardell-Johnson is a spatial and database specialist with more than 10 years experience in the use of GIS, R and SQL tools for land use, climate change and agriculture policy analysis. Working within the Information and Computational Sciences department and within the land use systems team led by Keith Matthews.



Conference papers

  • Matthews, K.; Blackstock, K.; Wardell-Johnson, D.; Miller, D.; Tavana, M.; Thomson, S.; Moxey, A.; Nielson, R.; Baggaley, N.; Loades, K.; Paterson, E.; Pakeman, R.; Hawes, C.; Stockan, J.; Stutter, M.; Addy, S.; Wilkinson, M. (2023) Cross-scale analysis of social-ecological systems: Policy options appraisal for delivering NetZero and other environmental objectives in Scotland, In: Vaze, J., Chilcott, C., Hutley, L. and Cuddy, S.M. (eds.) MODSIM2023, 25th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand, 9-14 July 2023, Darwin, NT, Australia, 7pp
  • Blackstock, K.L.; Waylen, K A.; Matthews, K.B.; Juarez-Bourke, A.; Wardell-Johnson, D.; Miller, D.R. (2020) Questioning the role of scientific experts in science-policy interfaces: Reflecting on our engagement on ‘nexus’ and ‘sustainable agriculture’, Presentation given at the International Seminar on Environment and Society –
    Current Challenges and Pathways to Change, Lisbon, Portugal, 2-3 March 2020.
  • Matthews, K.B.; Blackstock, K.L.; Waylen, K.A.; Juarez-Bourke, A.; Rivington, M.; Miller, D.G.; Wardell-Johnson, D.; Cabello Villarejo, V.; Kovacic, Z.; Renner, A.; Ripa, M.; Giampietro, M. (2019) Using deliberative societal metabolism analysis to analyse CAP’s delivery of EU sustainability and climate change objectives., 172nd EAAE Seminar, Agricultural Policy for the Environment or Environmental Policy for Agriculture? Brussels, 28-29 May 2019. (Paper)
  • Matthews, K.B.; Blackstock, K.L.; Rivington, M.; Waylen, K.A.; Miller, D.G.; Wardell-Johnson, D.; Kovacic, Z.; Renner, A.; Ripa, M.; Giampietro, M. (2017) Delivering more than the “Sum of the Parts”: using Quantitative Storytelling to address the challenges of conducting science for policy in the EU land, water and energy nexus., 22nd International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM2017), Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 3-8 December 2017, Keynote Presentation for Stream – Participatory Decision Making and Modelling Social Systems, Session K7 Evaluating the incorporation of science and other forms of knowledge in decision making and practice, pp15-21.
  • Matthews, K.B.; Miller. D.G.; Wardell-Johnson, D. (2013) Supporting agricultural policy – the role of scientists and analysts in managing political risk., Proceedings of the 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM 2013) Adapting to Change: The Multiple Roles of Modelling. Adelaide, South Australia, 1-6 December 2013.

Conference posters

  • Barlagne, C.; Calo, A.; Holstead, K.; Hopkins, J.; Sutherland, L-A.; Matthews, K.B.; Miller, D.; Wardell-Johnson, D.; Barnes, A.; McMillan, J.; Spencer, M.; Thomson, S.; Toma, L. (2020) Farm Intentions Survey: Outputs and ongoing research from our work on rural industries., Key Rural Industries – WP2.4, End of Year Workshop, Saughton House, Edinburgh, 12 March 2020. (Poster and discussions with Scottish Government stakeholders).
  • Rivington, M.; Matthews, K.B.; Wardell-Johnson, D.; Miller, D.G. (2019) Envisioning what future climate change looks like for Scotland’s agriculture., 42nd TB Macaulay Lecture, Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, 2 October 2019. (Poster)
  • Cammarano, D.; Rivington, M.; Matthews, K.B.; Wardell-Johnson, D. (2017) Importance of crop model parameterization for climate change studies at national scale., National Congress of the Italian Society of Agronomy, 45th, Sassari, Italy, 20-22 September 2016.
  • Matthews, K.B.; Rivington, M.; Blackstock, K.L.; Waylen, K.A.; Miller, D.G.; Wardell-Johnson, D. (2016) MAGIC – Moving towards adaptive governance in complexity: Informing Nexus security., 39th Macaulay Lecture, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, 13 October 2016.