2017 – 2022

University of Plymouth Ph.D.

NERC funded research entitled “The Phenotypic and Genomic Identity of Apis mellifera mellifera

2013 – 2017

Canterbury Christ Church University BSc

Bioscience, Result 1st class degree.

Dissertation entitled “Detection of Cacopsylla pyricola in gut content of Forficula auricularia from pear orchards”.

A selection of current projects I am involved in:

Examining the response of nematode communities to cover crop treatments. Led by Roy Nielson (James Hutton Institute)

PEPOD: Population connectivity of Coenonympha tullia (the Large Heath butterfly). Led by Victoria G. Buswell. (James Hutton Institute)

INWARD: Investigating Native Wild Barley Endophytes for Adapted Resilience in Domestic Cultivars Led By Lorena Rangel (James Hutton Institute).

RESOLVE: Investigating the evolutionary origins and genetic mechanisms underlying the development of symbiosomes in Legumes. Led by Euan James (James Hutton Institute) and Joel Klein (James Hutton Institute, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship)


Past research

A selection of previous projects I have been involved in:

Testing the validity of using eDNA for carbon origin analysis from sediment cores. Led by Eulyn Pagaling (James Hutton Institute) and Josh Parker (Natural England).

Examining the impacts of management involved in woodland restoration on soil biodiversity. Led By Andy Taylor (James Hutton Institute).

Investigating the effects of N deposition on ECM fungi but with all soil biodiversity. Led by Andy Taylor (James Hutton Institute).

A Phenotypic and Genomic Investigation of the Identity and Variation in the European Dark Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera). Led by Mairi Knight (University of Plymouth)