James Price

Molecular Plant Pathologist - Plant Nematologist
Cell and Molecular Sciences
T: +44 (0)344 928 8791 (*)
James is a molecular plant pathologist and plant nematologist within the CMS nematology group with a focus on potato cyst nematodes (PCN). Over his 9 years' experience working with plant-parasitic nematodes he has investigated parasite-host interactions, specifically; hatching, nematode surface-coats, screening for host PCN resistance and investigating host tolerance to PCN. James frequently collaborates with external companies to test novel PCN control strategies. James is currently project managing the Scottish PCN Working Group. Please see https://www.pcnhub.ac.uk/ for more information about this group and upcoming events.

James holds an honorary appointment at the University of St. Andrews where he provides introduction to nematology lectures and practical classes for undergraduate students. James also provides lectures on nematode life cycle biology for the University of Ghent International Master of Science in Agro- and Environmental Nematology (IMaNema) course. The laboratory group routinely holds undergraduate research projects for honours students. James is a member of the AAB Nematology group (https://www.aab.org.uk/specialist-groups/nematology/).

  • Molecular mechanisms underpinning potato cyst nematode hatching
  • Characterising nematode surface coat proteins and their interactions within plant hosts
  • Identifying varietal tolerance to potato cyst nematodes
  • Working with external companies to test novel nematicides and biostimulants against potato cyst nematodes
  • Identifying novel resistance against root-knot nematodes in potato


Past research

2021- : Molecular Plant Pathologist/Plant Nematologist – The James Hutton institute

2021: Research Fellow in Plant Parasitic Nematode Biology – University of St. Andrews

2020-2021: Associate Lecturer (education focused), School of Biology – University of St. Andrews

2015-2019: PhD in Biology, School of Biology – University of St Andrews & CMS – James Hutton Institute