Katy Joyce

Qualitative Research Assistant
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
T: +44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)


Technical / contract reports

  • Joyce, K.; Martino, S.; Poskitt, S.; Nijnik, M. (2023) Milestone M1.2 – An analysis of knowledge gaps in natural capital valuation, Report for RESAS Milestone M1.2, 28pp
  • Joyce, K.; Martino, S.; Poskitt, S.; Rivington, M.; Nijnik, M. (2023) Engagement workshop with stakeholder experts to discuss values of forest natural capital and gaps in implementing vlues and valuation methods, Milestone 3.1: report on Joint D5-1 / D5-2 Natural Capital Stakeholder Workshop – 19th May 2023 for the Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Servies Division of the Scottish Government through it’s Stratefic Research Programme (2022-2027).
  • Poskitt, S.; Rivington, M.; Martino, S.; Joyce, K. (2023) Report on Natural Capital Stakeholder Workshop: Deliverable D3.2a for the Project D5-2 Climate Change Impacts on Natural Capital, The James Hutton Insitute, 17pp
  • Joyce, K. (2022) A Review of Natural Capital in the UK and Scottish Policy Context, Zenodo, 10.5281/zenodo.7664238.

Conference papers