I have a background in a wide range of soil and environmental topics, and in the modelling of complex environmental system. I have qualifications in a range of subjects, and have worked for several years in Aberdeen at the University and the James Hutton Institute. I have over 50 publications including refereed papers, conference proceedings, technical reports and popular articles. I also have expertise in soil modelling, land cover mapping, remote sensing interpretation, environmental modelling, soil formation, land use and land use change, artificial intelligence and computer programming. I have an intimate knowledge of the Scottish landscape, and of the data held at the James Hutton Institute which describes it.

A key aspect of my work is the development of novel modelling and classification methods and software packages that utilise spatial remote sensing and environmental data in a wide range of environmental applications. This includes the development, with other staff members, or mobile phone apps for environmental monitoring in real-time.

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Prior to appointment


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Conference papers

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Conference posters

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