Mhairi Coyle

Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Dynamics Researcher
Environmental and Biochemical Sciences
T: 07816155104
My area of expertise is in measuring the land-atmosphere exchange of gases, in particular the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane and water-vapour. In the past I specialised in ground-level ozone: measuring its exchange; modelling deposition; studying its climate and temporal trends across  the UK. While I have also worked on subjects such as: basic meteorology; acid deposition; NH3 exchange;  Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometery (CIMS); design and construction of instrumentation.

I joined the James Hutton Institute in June 2018 to work on greenhouse gas dynamics, with a focus on peatbogs across Scotland. We now run a network of ten eddy-covariance flux towers across Scotland (SCO2FLUX) which represent peatlands in various condition from a relatively undisturbed site, eroded mountain top, eroded maritime, grassland on peat and forest to bog restoration. Most sites measure CO2, H2O flux and Ch4 along with core meteorological and pedological measurements that aid interpretation of the former.

I also work (part-time) for UKCEH where I still pursue some studies ozone as well as managing another GHG-EC site on forested peatland near Dumfries.

Past research

Evans, C.D., Peacock, M., Baird, A.J. et al. Overriding water table control on managed peatland greenhouse gas emissions. Nature (2021).

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