Dr Sue Jones

Bioinformatics Group Leader
Information and Computational Sciences
Computational biologist with research interests in environmental microbiomes and plant-pathogen interactions. Practical experience of managing computational analysis projects for large biological datasets. I am currently Bioinformatics Group Leader within the Information and Computational Science Department.

SJ has led the bioinformatics aspects of many projects and was lead PI on an MRC funded project on functional genomics (MRC/G0400312). Her work, as subcontract lead (BBSRC grant BB/N023293/1), involving the analysis of viral pathogens in crops using RNA-seq data, included the publication of a bioinformatics workflow (Kodoja) and the sequencing of variants of a raspberry rhabdovirus. She has also led the bioinformatics component of a Royal Society African Exchange grant (RS/SM150075) on viruses in groundnut. She is currently leading the bioinformatics component of The UK Crop Microbiome CryoBank project (BB/T019484/1) that will establish a resource of microorganisms and information associated with the microbiome of the UKs major crops. SJ has recently been award a BBSRC grant (BB/W020610/1) on quantifying how host genotype and microbiome composition combine to influence susceptibility to plant disease. This work is focused on the  foliar microbiome of Scots Pine and how this influences a tree’s susceptibility to the fungal pathogen Dothistroma septosporum.