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Ellis, C.J., Crittenden P.D., Scrimgeour C.M. & Ashcroft C.J.  2005,  Translocation of 15N indicates nitrogen recycling in the mat-forming lichen Cladonia portentosa New Phytologist. 168:423-434. Abstract
Saldarelli, P., Castellano M.A., Harrison B.D. & Martelli G.P.  2005,  Two grapevine viruses in an ornamental Vitis species from Scotland Journal of Plant Pathology. 87:-76. Abstract
Haupt, S., Cowan G.H., Ziegler A., Roberts A.G., Oparka K.J. & Torrance L.  2005,  Two plant-viral movement proteins traffic in the endocytic recycling pathway Plant Cell. 17:164-181. Abstract
Syed, N.H., Sureshsundar S., Wilkinson M.J., Bhau B.S., Cavalcanti J.J.V. & Flavell A.J.  2005,  Ty1-copia retrotransposon-based SSAP marker development in cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 110:1195-1202.
Lees, A.K., Wale S.J., van de Graaf P. & Brierley J.L.  2005,  The use of molecular diagnostics to investigate the epidemiology of potato diseases Australasian Plant Pathology. 34:449-455. Abstract
Cullen, D.W., Toth I.K., Pitkin Y., Booham K., Walsh I., Barker I. & Lees A.K.  2005,  Use of quantitative molecular diagnostic assays to investigate Fusarium dry rot in potato stocks and soil Phytopathology. 95:1462-1471. Abstract
Bradshaw, J.E. & Ramsay G.  2005,  Utilisation of the Commonwealth Potato Collection in potato breeding Euphytica. 146:9-19. Abstract
Zhan, J., Linde C.C., J T., Merz U., Steinebrunner F. & McDonald B.A.  2005,  Variation for neutral markers is correlated with variation for quantitative traits in the plant pathogenic fungus Mycosphaerella graminicola Molecular Ecology. 14:2683-2693. Abstract
Boevink, P. & Oparka K.  2005,  Virus-host interactions during movement processes Plant Physiology. 138:1815-1821. Abstract
Hein, I., Barciszewska-Pacak M., Hrubikova K., Williamson S., Dinesen M., Soenderby I.E., Sundar S., Jarmolowski A., Shirasu K. & Lacomme C.  2005,  Virus-induced gene silencing-based functional characterization of genes associated with powdery mildew resistance in barley Plant Physiology. 138:2155-2164. Abstract
Sprent, J.I.  2005,  West African legumes: the role of nodulation and nitrogen fixation New Phytologist. 167:326-330. Abstract
Crittenden, P.D., Scrimgeour C.M., Minnullina G., Sutton M.A., Tang Y.S. & Theobald M.R.  1992,  Lichen response to ammonia deposition defines the footprint of a penguin rookery Biogeochemistry. 122:295-311.

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