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Ruiz, S., Koebernick N., Duncan S., McKay Fletcher D., Scotson C., Boghi A., Marin M., Bengough A.G., George T.S., Brown L.K., Hallett P.D. & Roose T.  2020,  Significance of root hairs at the field scale - modelling root water and phosphorus uptake under different field conditions Plant and Soil. 447:281-304.
Otto, I.M., Donges J.F., Cremades R., Bhowmik A., Hewitt R.J., Lucht W., Rockstrom J., Allerberger F., McCaffrey M., Doe S.S.P., Lenferna A., Moran N., van Vuuren D.P. & Schellnhuber H.J.  2020,  Social tipping dynamics for stabilizing Earth's climate by 2050 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117:2354-2365.
Roger-Estrade, J., McKenzie B.M., Torbert A. & Noellemeyer E.  2020,  The Soil & Tillage Research Virtual Special Issue related to the 21th International ISTRO Conference Soil and Tillage Research. 199:ArticleNo.104576.
Chen, Z.M., Wang Q., Ma J.W., Chapman S., Zou P., Ye J., Yu Q.G., Sun W.C., Lin H. & Jiang L.N.  2020,  Soil microbial activity and community composition as influenced by application of pig biogas slurry in paddy field in southeast China Paddy and Water Environment. 18:15-25.
Baggaley, N., Lilly A., Blackstock K.L., Dobbie K., Carsons A. & Leith F.  2020,  Soil risk maps - Interpreting soils data for policy makers, agencies and industry Soil Use and Management. 36:19-26.
Prandel, L.V., Melo V.F., Testoni S.A., Brinatti A.M., da Costa Saab S. & Dawson L.A.  2020,  Spectroscopic techniques applied to discriminate soils for forensic purposes Soil Research. 58:151-160.
Wu, L., Qian L., Deng Z.K., Zhou X.L., Li B.L., Lan S.B., Yang L. & Zhang Z.L.  2020,  Temperature modulating sand-consolidating cyanobacterial biomass, nutrients removal and bacterial community dynamics in municipal wastewater Bioresource Technology. 301:ArticleNo.122758.
Govigli, V.M., Alkhaled S., Arnesen Tor, Barlagne C., Bjerck M., Burlando C., Melnykovych M., Rodriguez Frenandez-Blanco C., Sfeir P. & Gorriz Mifsud E.  2020,  Testing a framework to co-construct social innovation actions. Insights from seven marginalized rural areas Sustainability. 12:ArticleNo.1441.
Roodposhti, M.S., Hewitt R.J. & Bryan B.A.  2020,  Towards automatic calibration of neighbourhood influence in cellular automata land-use models Computers Environment and Urban Systems. 79:ArticleNo.101416.
Davis, N., Jarvis A., Aitkenhead M.J. & Polhill J.G.  2020,  Trajectories toward maximum power and inequality in resource distribution networks PLoS ONE. 15:ArticleNo.e0-229956.
Davis, N., Jarvis A., Aitkenhead M.J. & Polhill J.G.  2020,  Trajectories towards maximum power and inequality in resource distribution networks PLoS ONE. 15:ArticleNo.e0229956.
Kattge, J., Bonisch G., Diaz S., Lavorel S., Prentice I.C., Leadley P., Tautenhahn S., Werner G.D.A., Pakeman R.J., White P.J. & et al.  2020,  TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access Global Change Biology. 26:119-188.
Stirling, J.M., Eze J.I., Foster G., Reeves A., Gunn G.J. & Tongue S.C.  2020,  The use of sheep movement data to inform design and interpretation of slaughterhouse-based surveillance activities Frontiers in Veterinary Science. 7:ArticleNo.205.
Dimitrova-Petrova, K., Geris J., Wilkinson M.E., Lilly A. & Soulsby C.  2020,  Using isotopes to understand the evolution of water ages in disturbed mixed land-use catchments Hydrological Processes. 34:972-990.
Yawson, D.O., Mohan S., Armah F.A., Ball T., Mulholland B., Adu M. & White P.J.  2020,  Virtual water flows under projected climate, land use and population change: the case of UK feed barley and meat Heliyon. 6:ArticleNo.e03127.
Foyer, C.H., Kyndt T. & Hancock R.D.  2020,  Vitamin C in plants: novel concepts, new perspectives, and outstanding issues Antioxidants and Redox Signaling. 332:463-485.
Gunnarsdottir, M.J., Gardarsson S.M., Figueras M.J., Puigdomènech C., Juárez R., Saucedo G., Arnedo M.J., Santos R., Monteiro S., Avery L.M., Pagaling E., Allan R., Abel C., Eglitis J., Hambsch B., Hügler M., Rajkovic A., Smigic N., Udovicki B., Albrechtsen H., López-Avilés A. & Hunter P.  2020,  Water safety plan enhancements with improved drinking water quality detection techniques Science of the Total Environment. 698:ArticleNo.134185.
Turicchi, J., O'Driscoll R., Horgan G., Duarte C., Palmeira A.L., Larsen S.C., Heitmann B.L. & Stubbs J.  2020,  Weekly, seasonal and holiday body weight fluctuation patterns among individuals engaged in a European multi-centre behavioural weight loss maintenance intervention PLoS ONE. 15:ArticleNo.e0232152.
Mezeli, M.M., Page S., George T.S., Neilson R., Mead R., Blackwell M.S.A. & Haygarth P.M.  2020,  What do we know about soil biological interactions and phosphorus acquisition in plants? Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 142
Maund, P.R., Irvine K.N., Lawson B., Steadman J., Risely K., Cunningham A.A. & Davies Z.G.  2020,  What motivates the masses: Understanding why people contribute to conservation citizen science projects Biological Conservation. 246:ArticleNo.UNSP108587.
Choudhary, S., Tak N., Bissa G., Chouhan B., Choudhary P., Sprent J.I., James E.K. & Gehlot H.S.  2020,  The widely distributed legume tree Vachellia (Acacia) nilotica subsp. indica is nodulated by genetically diverse Ensifer strains in India Symbiosis. 80:15-31.
Gill, N., Fisher D. & Hynes J.  2019,  25 years of protest: migration control and the power of local activism Geography. 104:134-140.
Hopkins, M., Duarte C., Beaulieu K., Finlayson G., Gibbons C., Johnstone A.M., Whybrow S., Horgan G.W., Blundell J.E. & Stubbs R.J.  2019,  Activity energy expenditure is an independent predictor of energy intake in humans International Journal of Obesity. 43:1466-1474.
Scalco, A., Macdiarmid J.I., Craig T., Whybrow S. & Horgan G.W.  2019,  An agent-based model to simulate meat consumption behaviour of consumers in Britain Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation. 22:ArticleNo.8.
Gotts, N.M., van Voorn G.A.K., Polhill J.G., de Jong E., Edmonds B., Hofstede G.J. & Meyer R.  2019,  Agent-based modelling of socio-ecological systems: Models, projects and ontologies Ecological Complexity. 40:ArticleNo.100728.
Sutherland, L.A.  2019,  Agriculture and inequalities: Gentrification in a Scottish parish Journal of Rural Studies. 68:240-250.
Silva, V.M., Boleta E.H.M., Martins J.T., dos Santos F.L.M., da Rocha Silva A.C., Alcock T.D., Wilson L., de Sá M.E., Young S.D., Broadley M.R., White P.J. & dos Reis A.R.  2019,  Agronomic biofortification of cowpea with selenium: effects of selenate and selenite application on selenium and phytate concentrations in seeds Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. 99:5969-5983.
Jouet, A., Saunders D.G.O., McMullan M., Ward B., Furzer O., Jupe F., Cevik V., Hein I., Thilliez G.J.A., Holub E., van Oosterhout C. & Jones J.D.G.  2019,  Albugo candida race diversity, ploidy and host-associated microbes revealed using DNA sequence capture on diseased plants in the field New Phytologist. 221:1529-1543.
Jia, Y., Burbidge C., Sweetman C., Schultz E., Soole E., Jenkins C., Hancock R.D., Bruning J.B. & Ford C.M.  2019,  An aldo-keto reductase with 2-keto-l-gulonate reductase activity functions in l-tartaric acid biosynthesis from vitamin C in Vitis vinifera Journal of Biological Chemistry. 294:15932-15946.
Schlesinger, D., Rikanati R.D., Volis S., Faigenboim A., Vendramin V., Cattonaro F., Hooper M., Oren E., Taylor M., Sitrit Y., Inbar M. & Lewinsohn E.  2019,  Alkaloid chemodiversity in Mandragora spp. is associated with loss-of-functionality of MoH6H, a hyoscyamine 6 beta-hydroxylase gene Plant Science. 283:301-310.
Speck, J.J., James E.K., Sugawara M., Sadowsky M.J. & Gyaneshwar P.  2019,  An alkane sulfonate monooxygenase is required for symbiotic nitrogen fixation by Bradyrhizobium diazefficiens (syn. Bradyrhizobium japonicum) USDA110(T) Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 85:ArticleNo.e01552-19.
Dantas, L.B., Calixto C.P.G., Dourado M.M., Carneiro M.S., Brown J.W.S. & Hotta C.T.  2019,  Alternative splicing of circadian clock genes correlates with temperature in field-grown sugarcane Frontiers in Plant Science. 10:ArticleNo.1614..
De Souza, E.A., Ferreira-Eloy N.R., Grassmann C.D., Rosolem C.A. & White P.J.  2019,  Ammonium improves corn phosphorus acquisition through changes in the rhizosphere process and root morphology Pedosphere. 29:534-539.
Meijer, G.J., Wood D.M., Knappett J.A., Bengough G.A. & Liang T.  2019,  Analysis of coupled axial and lateral deformation of roots in soil International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics. 43:684-707.
Vissat, L.L., Loreti M., Nenzi L., Hillston J. & Marion G.  2019,  Analysis of spatio-temporal properties of stochastic systems using TSTL ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation. 29:ArticleNo.20.
Schmidt, S.D., George T.S., Brown L.K., Booth A., Wishart J., Hedley P.E., Martin P., Russell J. & Husted S.  2019,  Ancient barley landraces adapted to marginal soils demonstrate exceptional tolerance to manganese limitation Annals of Botany.. 123:831-843.
Loe, L.E., Pigeon G., Albon S.D., Giske P.E., Irvine R.J., Ropstad E., Stien A., Veiberg V. & Mysterud A.  2019,  Antler growth as a cost of reproduction in female reindeer Oecolgia. 189:601-609.
Patil, V., McDermott H.I., McAllister T., Cummins M., Silva J.C., Mollison E., Meikle R., Morris J., Hedley P.E., Waugh R., Dockter C., Hansson M. & McKim S.M.  2019,  APETALA2 control of barley internode elongation Development. 146:ArticleNo.dev170373.
Lewandowska, D., Zhang R., Colas I., Uzrek N. & Waugh R.  2019,  Application of a sensitive and reproducible label-free proteomic approach to explore the proteome of individual meiotic-phase barley anthers Frontiers in Plant Science. 10:ArticleNo.393.
Allwood, J.W., Woznicki T.L., Xu Y., Foito A., Aaby K., Sungurtas J., Freitag S., Goodacre R., Stewart D., Rember S.F., Heide O.M. & Sønsteby A.  2019,  Application of HPLC-PDA-MS metabolite profiling to investigate the effect of growth temperature and day length on blackcurrant fruit Metabolomics. 15:ArticleNo.12.
Primack, R.B., Regan T.J., Devictor V., Zipf L., Godet L., Loyola R., Maas B., Pakeman R.J., Cumming G.S., Bates A.E., Pejchar L. & Koh L.P.  2019,  Are scientific editors reliable gatekeepers of the publication process Biological Conservation. 238:ArticleNo.108232.
Smart, S.M., Jarvis S.G., Mizunuma T., Herrero-Jauregui C., Fang Z., Butler A., Alison J., Wilson M. & Marrs R.H.  2019,  Assessment of a large number of empirical plant species niche models by elicitation of knowledge from two national experts Ecology and Evolution. 9:12858-12868.
Zak, D., Stutter M.I., Jensen H.S., Egemose S., Carstensen M.V., Audet J., Strand J.A., Feuerbach P., Hoffmann C.C., Christen B., Hille S., Knudsen M., Stockan J., Watson H., Heckrath G. & Kronvang B.  2019,  An assessment of the multifunctionality of integrated buffer zones in Northwestern Europe Journal of Environmental Quality. 48:362-375.
Sam, L., Craig T., Horgan G.W. & Macdiarmid J.I.  2019,  Association between hours worked in paid employment and diet quality, frequency of eating out and consuming takeaways in the UK Public Health Nutrition. 22:3368-3376.
Pettitt, T.R., Keane G.J., John S.O.L., Cooke D.E.L. & Zerjav M.  2019,  Atypical late blight symptoms following first recorded infections by Phytophthora infestans genotype EU_39_A1 in UK vine tomatoes New Disease Reports. 39:ArticleNo.16.
Peppa, M.V., Mills J.P., Moore P., Miller P.E. & Chambers J.E.  2019,  Automated co-registration and calibration in SfM photogrammetry for landslide change detection Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. 44:287-303.
Morera-Margarit, P., Bulgarelli D., Pope T.W., Graham R.I., Mitchell C. & Karley A.J.  2019,  The bacterial community associated with adult vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) in UK populations growing on strawberry is dominated by Candidatus Nardonella Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata. 167:186-196.
Garcia-Gimenez, G., Russell J., Aubert M.K., Fincher G.B., Burton R.A., Waugh R., Tucker M.R. & Houston K.  2019,  Barley grain (1,3;1,4)-beta-glucan content: effects of transcript and sequence variation in genes encoding the corresponding synthase and endohydrolase enzymes Scientific Reports. 9:ArticleNo.17250.
Wiegmann, M., Maurer A., Pham A., March T.J., Al-Abdallat A., Thomas W.T.B., Bull H.J., Shahid M., Eglinton J., Baum M., Flavell A.J., Tester M. & Pillen K.  2019,  Barley yield formation under abiotic stress depends on the interplay between flowering time genes and environmental cues Scientific Reports. 9:ArticleNo.6397.

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