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Abdul-Salam, Y. & Phimister E.  2019,  Modelling the impact of market imperfections on farm household investment in stand-alone solar PV systems World Development. 116:66-76.
Sébastien, M., Phimister E., Roberts D. & Santini F.  2019,  A Monte Carlo filtering application for systematic sensitivity analysis of computable general equilibrium result Economic Systems Research. 31:404-422.
Hansen, B.B., Gamelon M., Albon S.D., Lee A.M., Stien A., Irvine R.J., Sæther B.E., Loe L.E., Ropstad E., Veiberg V. & Grøtan V.  2019,  More frequent extreme climate events stabilize reindeer population dynamics Nature Communications. 10:ArticleNo.1616.
Brown, K.M., Flemsæter F. & Rønningen K.  2019,  More-than-human geographies of property: Moving towards spatial justice with response-ability Geoforum. 99:54-62.
Al-Khafaji, A.M., Clegg S.R., Pinder A.C., Luu L., Hansford K.M., Seelig F., Dinnis R.E., Margos G., Medlock J.M., Feil E.J., Darby A.C., McGarry J.W., Gilbert L., Plantard O., Sassera D. & Makepeace B.L.  2019,  Multi-locus sequence typing of Ixodes ricinus and its symbiont Candidatus Midichloria mitochondrii across Europe reveals evidence of local co-cladogenesis in Scotland Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases.. 10:52-62.
Brault, M.L., Petit J.D., Immel F., Nicolas W.J., Glavier M., Brocard L., Gaston A., Fouche M., Hawkins T.J., Crowet J.M., Grison M.S., Germain V., Rocher M., Kraner M., Alva V., Claverol S., Paterlini A., Helariutta Y., Deleu M., Lins L., Tilsner J. & Bayer E.M.  2019,  Multiple C2 domains and transmembrane region proteins (MCTPs) tether membranes at plasmodesmata Embo Reports. 20:ArticleNo.e47182..
Scally, C., Abbas H., Ahearn T., Srinivasan J., Mezincescuu A., Rudd A., Spath N., Yucel-Finn A., Yuecel R., Oldroyd R., Dospinescu C., Horgan G., Broadhurst P., Henning A., Newby D.E., Semple S., Wilson H.M. & Dawson D.K.  2019,  Myocardial and systemic inflammation in acute stress-induced (Takotsubo) cardiomyopathy Circulation. 129:1581-1592.
Wilkinson, M.E., Addy S., Quinn P.F. & Stutter M.I.  2019,  Natural flood management: small-scale progress and larger-scale challenges Scottish Geographical Journal. 135:23-32.
Colley, K. & Craig T.  2019,  Natural places: Perceptions of wildness and attachment to local greenspace Journal of Environmental Psychology. 61:71-78.
Shaldybin, M.V., Wilson M.J., Wilson L., Lopushnyak Y.M., Brydson R., Krupskaya V.V., Kondrashova E.S., Glotov A.V., Goncharov I.V., Samoilenko V.V., Arbuzov S.I., Bether O.V., Fraser A.R., Bowen L., White D. & Dorofeeva N.V.  2019,  The nature, origin and significance of luminescent layers in the Bazhenov Shale formation of west Siberia, Russia Marine and Petroleum Geology. 100:358-375.
Shanahan, D.F., Astell-Burt T., Barber E.A., Brymer E., Cox D.T.C., Dean J.H., Depledge M., Fuller R.A., Hartig T., Irvine K.N., Jones A.P., Kikilus H., Lovell R., Mitchell R., Niemelä Nieuwenhuijsen M.J., Pretty J., Townsend M., van Heezik Y., Warber S. & Gaston K.J.  2019,  Nature-based interventions for improving health and wellbeing: the purpose, the people and the outcomes Sports. 7:ArticleNo.141.
Bloodworth, J.W., Baptie M.C., Preedy K.F. & Best J.  2019,  Negative effects of the sea lice therapeutant emamectin benzoate at low concentrations on benthic communities around Scottish fish farms Science of the Total Environment. 669:91-102.
Hambley, G., Andersen R., Levy P., Saunders M., Cowie N.R., Teh Y.A. & Hill T.C.  2019,  Net ecosystem exchange from two formerly afforested peatlands undergoing restoration in the Flow Country of northern Scotland Mires and Peat. 23:ArticleNumber05.
Reitzel, K., Bennett W.W., Berger N., Brownlie W.J., Bruun S., Christensen M.L., Cordell D., van Dijk K., Egemose S., Eigner H., Gluud R.N., Grönfors O., Hermann L., Houot S., Hupfer M., Jacobs B., Korving L., Kjaergaard C., Liimatainen H., van Loosdrecht M.C.M., Macintosh K.A., Magid J., Maia F., Martin-Ortega J., McGrath J., Meulepas R., Murry M., Neste T.S., Neumann G., Nielsen U.G., Nielsen P.H., O'Flaherty V., Qu H., Santner J., Seufert V., Spears B., Stringer L.C., Stutter M.I., Verbug P.H., Wilfert P., Williams P.N. & Metson G.  2019,  New training to meet the global phosphorus challenge Environmental Science and Technology. 53:8479-8481.
Scott, S.E., Duarte C., Encantado J., Evans E.H., Harjumaa M., Heitmann B.L., Horgan G.W., Larsen S.C., Marques M.M., Mattila E., Matos M., Mikkelsen M.L., Palmeira A.L., Pearson B., Ramsey L., Sainsbury K., Santos I., Sniehotta F., Stalker C., Teixeira P.J. & Stubbs R.J.  2019,  The NoHoW protocol: a multicentre 2x2 factorial randomised controlled trial investigating an evidence-based digital toolkit for weight loss maintenance in European adults BMJ Open. 9:ArticleNo.e029425.
Nunn, F., Bartley K., Palarea-Albaladejo J., Innocent G.T., Turnbull F., Wright H.W. & Nisbet A.J.  2019,  A novel, high-welfare methodology for evaluating poultry red mite interventions in vivo Veterinary Parasitology. 267:42-46.
Burns, V.A.  2019,  Oceanic embodiments: living ENSO events in coastal TImor-Leste Political Geography. 70:102-116.
Cayuela-Sanchez, J.A., Palarea-Albaladejo J., Garcia-Martin J.F. & Perez-Camino M.C.  2019,  Olive oil nutritional labeling by using Vis/NIR spectroscopy and compositional statistical methods Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies. 51:139-147.
Wang, H.X., He H., Qi Y.T., McLellan H., Tian Z.J., Birch P.R.J. & Tian Z.D.  2019,  The oomycete microbe-associated molecular pattern Pep-13 triggers SERK3/BAK1-independent plant community Plant Cell Reports. 38:173-182.
Munoz-Tamayo, R., Agudelo J.F.R., Dewhurst R.J., Miller G., Vernon T. & Kettle H.  2019,  A parsimonious software sensor for estimating the individual dynamic pattern of methane emissions from cattle Animal. 13:1180-1187.
Thilliez, G.J.A., Armstrong M.R., Lim T.Y., Baker K., Jouet A., Ward B., van Oosterhout C., Jones J.D.G., Huitema E., Birch P.R.J. & Hein I.  2019,  Pathogen enrichment sequencing (PenSeq) enables population genomic studies in oomycetes New Phytologist. 221:1634-1648.
Sloan, T.J., Payne R.J., Anderson A.R., Bain C., Chapman S., Cowie N., Gilbert P., Lindsay R., Mauquoy D., Newton A.J. & Andersen R.  2019,  Peatland afforestation in the UK and consequences for carbon storage Mires and Peat. 23:ArticleNo.1..
Beresford, A.E., Sanderson F.J., Donald P.F., Burfield I.J., Butler A., Vickery J.A. & Buchanan G.M.  2019,  Phenology and climate change in Africa and the decline of Afro-Palearctic migratory bird populations Remote Sensing in Ecology amd Conservation. 5:55-69.
Santos, E.F., Pongrac P., Reis A.R., White P.J. & Lavres J.  2019,  Phosphorus-zinc interactions in cotton: consequences for biomass production and nutrient-use efficiency in photosynthesis Physiologia Plantarum. 166:996-1007.
Zhou, S.Y.D., Zhu D., Giles M., Yang X.R., Daniell T., Neilson R. & Zhu Y.G.  2019,  Phyllosphere of staple crops under pig manure fertilization, a reservoir of antibiotic resistance genes Environmental Pollution. 252:227-235.
Rubio, M.C., Calvo-Begueria L., Diaz-Mendoza M., Elhiti M., Moore M., Matamoros M.A., James E.K., Diaz I., Perez-Rontome C., Villar I., Sein-Echaluce V.C., Hebelstrup K.H., Dietz K.J. & Becana M.  2019,  Phytoglobins in the nuclei, cytoplasm and chloroplasts modulate nitric oxide signaling and interact with abscisic acid The Plant Journal. Published online..
He, Q., McLellan H., Hughes R.K., Boevink P.C., Armstrong M., Lu Y., Banfield M.J., Tian Z. & Birch P.R.J.  2019,  Phytophthora infestans effector SFI3 targets potato UKB to suppress early immune transcriptional response New Phytologist. 222:438-454.
Wang, S., McLellan H., Bukharova T., He Q., Murphy F., Shi J., Sun S., van Weymers P., Ren Y., Thilliez G., Wang H., Chen X., Engelhardt S., Vleeshouwers V., Gilroy E.M., Whisson S.W., Hein I., Wang X., Tian Z., Birch P.R.J. & Boevink P.C.  2019,  Phytophthora infestans RXLR effectors act in concert at diverse subcellular localisations to enhance host colonisation Journal of Experimental Botany. 70:343-356.
Ren, Y.J., Armstrong M., Qi Y., McLellan H., Zhong C., Du B.W., Birch P.R.J. & Tian Z.D.  2019,  Phytophthora infestans RXLR effectors target parallel steps in an immune signal transduction pathway Plant Physiology. 180:2227-2239.
Amaral, J., Correia B., Antonio C., Rodrigues A.M., Gomez-Cadenas A., Valledor L., Hancock R.D., Alves A. & Pinto G.  2019,  Pinus susceptibility to pitch canker triggers specific physiological responses in symptomatic plants: an integrated approach Frontiers in Plant Science. 10:ArticleNo,509.
Schjoerring, J.K., Cakmak I. & White P.J.  2019,  Plant nutrition and soil fertility: Synergies for acquiring global green growth and sustainable development Plant and Soil. 434:1-6.
Schofield, E.J., Brooker R.W., Rowntree J.K., Price E.A.C., Brearley F.Q. & Paterson E.  2019,  Plant-plant competition influences temporal dynamism of soil microbial enzyme activity Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 139:ArticleNo.107615..
Waylen, K.A., Blackstock K.L., van Hulst F., Damian C., Horváth F., Johnson R.K., Kanka R., Külvik M., Macleod C.J.A., Meissner K., Oprina-Pavelescu M.M., Pino J., Primmer E., Rîsnoveanu G., Satalová B., Silander J., Spulerová J., Suskevics M. & van Uytvanck J.  2019,  Policy-driven monitoring and evaluation: does it support adaptive management of socio-ecological systems? Science of the Total Environment. 662:373-384.
Cui, S., Song Z., Zhang L., Zhang Z., Hough R.L., Fu Q., An L., Shen Z., Li Y.F., Liu D. & Gao S.  2019,  Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fresh snow in the city of Harbin in northeast China Atmospheric Environment. 215
Lehretz, G.G., Sonnewald S., Hornyik C., Corral J.M. & Sonnewald U.  2019,  Post-transcriptional regulation FLOWERING LOCUS T modulates heat-dependent source-sink development in potato Current Biology. 29:1614-1624.
Pooley, C.M., Bishop S.C., Doeschl-Wilson A. & Marion G.  2019,  Posterior-based proposals for speeding up Markov chain Monte Carlo Royal Society Open Science. 6:ArticleNo.190619.
Ferretto, A., Brooker R., Aitkenhead M., Matthews R. & Smith P.  2019,  Potential carbon loss from Scottish peatlands under climate change Regional Environmental Change. 19:2101-2111.
Artz, R.R.E., Johnson S., Bruneau P., Britton A.J., Mitchell R.J., Ross L., Donaldson-Selby G., Donnelly D., Aitkenhead M.J., Gimona A. & Poggio L.  2019,  The potential for modelling peatland habitat condition in Scotland using long-term MODIS data Science of the Total Environment. 660:429-442.
Paula, F.S., Chin J.P., Schnurer A., Muller B., Manesiotis P., Waters N., Macintosh K.A., Quinn J.P., Connolly J., Abram F., McGrath J.W. & O'Flaherty V.  2019,  The potential for polyphosphate metabolism in Archaea and anaerobic polyphosphate formation in Methanosarcina mazei Scientific Reports. 9:ArticleNo.17101.
Boldrin, D., Leung A.K., Bengough A.G. & Jones H.G.  2019,  Potential of thermal imaging in soil bioengineering to assess plant ability for soil water removal and air cooling Ecological Engineering. 141:ArticleNo.105599.
Richards, S., Dawson J. & Stutter M.I.  2019,  The potential use of natural vs commercial biosorbent material to remediate stream waters by removing heavy metal contaminants Journal of Environmental Management. 231:275-281.
Bennett, A.E., Evans D.E. & Powell J.R.  2019,  Potentials and pitfalls in the analysis of bipartite networks to understand plant-microbe interactions in changing environments Functional Ecology.. 33:107-117.
Butler, B.M., Sila A.M., Shepherd K.D., Nyambura M., Gilmore C.J., Kourkoumelis N. & Hillier S.  2019,  Pre-treatment of soil X-ray powder diffraction data for cluster analysis Geoderma. 337:413-424.
Leybourne, D.J., Bos J.I.B., Valentine T.A. & Karley A.J.  2019,  The price of protection: a defensive endosymbiont impairs nymph growth in the bird cherry-oat aphid, Rhopalosiphum padi Insect Science. Published online..
Piras, S. & Botnarenco S.  2019,  Problems of farm succession in the post-Soviet space: insights from the Republic of Moldova Journal of Land Use Science. 13:631-644.
Howells, R.J., Burthe S.J., Green J.A., Harris M.P., Newell M.A., Butler A., Wanless S. & Daunt F.  2019,  Pronounced long-term trends in year-round diet composition of the European shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis (Correction: vol 165, 188, 2018) Marine Biology. 166:ArticleNo.40..
Carvalho, L., Mackay E.B., Cardoso A.C., Baattrup-Pedersen A., Birk S., Blackstock K.L., Borics G., Borja A., Feld C.K., Ferreira M.T., Globevnik L., Grizzetti B., Hendry S., Hering D., Kelly M., Langaas S., Meissner K., Panagopoulos Y., Penning E., Rouillard J., Sabater S., Schmedtje U., Spears B.M., Venohr M., van de Bund W. & Solheim A.L.  2019,  Protecting and restoring Europe’s waters: an analysis of the future development needs of the Water Framework Directive Science of Total Environment. 658:1228-1238.
Holland, J.E., Cammarano D., Fitzgerald G.J., Perry E.M., Poile G. & Conyers M.K.  2019,  Proximal fluorescence sensing of potassium responsive crops to develop improved predictions of biomass, yield and grain quality of wheat and barley Precision Agriculture. 20:379-397.

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