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UK Alpine Ecology Network: Meetings

Here you will find details of past meetings of the UK Alpine Ecology Network along with links to workshop reports and presentations where available.

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Inaugural meeting January 2018, James Hutton Institute Aberdeen



Use the images or from the table (below) to dowload a copy (pdf) of each of the presentations.


Title of presentation Presenter
What do we know about change in alpine systems and its drivers (1.3 MB) Andrea Britton
Future scenarios for alpine ecosystems in the UK - where will be in 50-100 years? (2.6 MB) Phil Wookey
Alpine Conservation in Scotland (1.1 MB) David Genney
Alpine Conservation in Wales (1.7 MB) Barbara Jones
Alpine Conservation in England (5.1 MB) Simon Webb
Impact of N deposition on fungal communities in Racomitrium heath (0.65 MB) Andrea Britton
Mycorrhizal Fungi in Montane Heaths (0.86 MB) Andy Taylor
RBGE Alpine Research (0.61 MB) Becky Yahr
Soil fungal communities related to C cycling in upland and polar environments (0.52 MB) Clare Robinson
Ratcliffe Re-visited: five decades of change in Scottish alpine ecosystems (0.57 MB) Louise Ross
Undestanding the factors associated with declines of an alpine specialist bird species in Scotland (0.41 MB) Rene van der Wal
Can we predict recipient sites for translocated species? - A case study with Flavocetraria nivalis in the Cairngorms (0.46 MB) Rob Brooker
Functional alpine ecology at Lancaster University (5.7 MB) Rob Mills
Recent RSPB research in alpine environments (0.4 MB) Steven Ewing


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