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UK Alpine Ecology Network: Publications

This page lists recent research papers and project reports relevant to UK alpine ecosystems. Contact us if you have papers or reports that you would like to be listed on this page.

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  • Britton, A.J., Mitchell, R.J., Fisher, J.M., Riach, D.J., Taylor, A.F.S. (2018) Nitrogen deposition drives loss of moss cover in alpine moss-sedge heath via lowered C:N ratio and accelerated decomposition. New Phytologist 218: 470-478.
  • Brooker, R.J., Brewer, M.J., Britton, A.J., Eastwood, A., Ellis, C., Gimona, A., Poggio, L., Genney, D.R. (2018) Tiny niches and translocations: the challenge of identifying suitable recipient sites for small and immobile species. Journal of Applied Ecology 55: 621-630.
  • Britton, A.J., Hewison, R.L., Mitchell, R.J., Riach, D. (2017) Pollution and climate change drive long-term change in Scottish wetland vegetation composition. Biological Conservation, 210: 72-79.
  • Britton, A.J., Hester, A.J., Hewison, R.L., Potts, J., Ross, L.C. (2017) Climate, pollution and grazing drive long-term change in moorland habitats. Applied Vegetation Science. 20: 194-203.
  • Mitchell, R.J., Urpeth, H.M., Britton, A.J., Taylor, A.R. (2017) Soil microarthropod-plant community relationships in alpine moss-sedge heath. Applied Soil Ecology, 111: 1-8.
  • Mitchell, R.J., Urpeth, H.M., Britton, A.J., Black, H., Taylor, A.R. (2016) Relative importance of local- and large-scale drivers of alpine soil microarthropod communities. Oecologia, 182: 913-924.


  • Armitage, H.F., Britton, A.J., van der Wal, R., Woodin, S.J. (2014) The relative importance of nitrogen deposition as a driver of Racomitrium heath species composition and richness across Europe. Biological Conservation, 171, 224-231.
  • Armitage, H.F., Britton, A.J., van der Wal, R., Pearce, S., Thompson, D.B.A., Woodin, S.J. (2012) Nitrogen deposition enhances moss growth but leads to overall decline in habitat condition in mountain moss-sedge heath. Global Change Biology, 18, 290-300.
  • Armitage, H.F., Britton, A.J., van der Wal, R., Woodin, S.J. (2012) Grazing exclusion and phosphorus addition as potential local management options for the restoration of alpine moss-sedge heath. Biological Conservation, 153, 17-24.
  • Jackson-Blake, L.A., Helliwell, R.C., Britton, A.J., Gibbs, S., Coull, M.C., Dawson, L.A. (2012) Controls on soil solution nitrogen along an altitudinal gradient in the Scottish uplands. Science of the Total Environment, 431, 100-108.
  • Britton, A.J., Helliwell, R.C., Lilly, A., Dawson, L.A., Fisher, J.M., Coull, M.C., Ross, J. (2011) An integrated assessment of ecosystem carbon pools and fluxes across an oceanic alpine toposequence. Plant and Soil, 345, 287-302.
  • Johnson, D., Vachon, J., Britton, A.J., Helliwell, R.C. (2011) Drought alters carbon fluxes in alpine snowbed ecosystems through contrasting impacts on graminoids and forbs. New Phytologist, 190, 740-749.
  • Armitage, H.F., Britton, A.J., Woodin, S.J., van der Wal, R. (2011) Assessing the recovery potential of alpine moss-sedge heath: reciprocal transplants along a nitrogen deposition gradient. Environmental Pollution, 159, 140-147.


  • Papanikolaou, N., Britton, A.J., Helliwell, R.C., Johnson, D. (2010) Nitrogen deposition, vegetation burning and climate warming act independently on microbial community structure and enzyme activity associated with decomposing litter in low-alpine heath. Global Change Biology, 16, 3120-3132.
  • Britton, A.J., Fisher, J.M. (2010) Terricolous alpine lichens are sensitive to both load and concentration of applied nitrogen and have potential as bioindicators of nitrogen deposition. Environmental Pollution, 158, 1296-1302.
  • Helliwell, R.C., Britton, A.J., Gibbs, S., Fisher, J.M., Potts, J.M. (2010) Interactive effects of nitrogen deposition, land management and weather on soil solution chemistry in a Scottish low-alpine heath. Ecosystems, 13, 696-711.
  • Pearce, I.S.K., Britton, A.J., Armitage, H.F., Jones, B. (2010) Additive impacts of nitrogen deposition and grazing on a mountain moss-sedge heath. Botanica Helvetica, 120, 129-137.
  • Britton, A.J., Beale, C.M., Towers, W. & Hewison, R.L. (2009) Biodiversity gains and losses: evidence for homogenisation of Scottish alpine vegetation. Biological Conservation 142, 1728-1739.
  • Britton, A.J., Helliwell, R.C., Fisher, J.M. & Gibbs, S. (2008) Interactive effects of nitrogen deposition and fire on plant and soil chemistry in an alpine heathland. Environmental Pollution 156, 409-416.
  • Britton, A.J. & Fisher J.M. (2008) Growth responses of low alpine dwarf-shrub heath species to nitrogen deposition and management. Environmental Pollution 153, 564-573.
  • Britton, A.J. & Fisher J.M. (2007) Interactive effects of nitrogen deposition, fire and grazing on diversity and composition of low-alpine prostrate Calluna vulgaris heathland. Journal of Applied Ecology 44, 125-135.
  • Britton, A.J., Fisher, J.M. (2007) NP stoichiometry of low-alpine heathland: usefulness for bio-monitoring and prediction of pollution impacts. Biological Conservation, 138, 100-108.
  • Britton, A.J., Pearce, I.S.K. & Jones, B. (2005) Impacts of grazing on montane heath vegetation in Wales and implications for the restoration of montane areas. Biological Conservation 125, 515-524.

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