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PotatoSize potatoes set up for imaging

The PotatoSize app provides potato growers with information on the proportion of their crop that lies within each size range of interest. It uses image analysis to interpret a photo of potatoes sampled in the field. Development was in partnership with Agrovista UK, and further details on how to register as a user of the app can be found at

The user is given detailed instructions within the app on how to prepare a sample and take a photo of the potatoes. It is much quicker and easier than the old method of riddling and measuring by hand, and provides information in approximately 2-3 minutes.

The Apple version was launched at the AHDB seed event in St Andrews on the 3rd of November 2016. The Android version was launched early at the end of March 2017 and both are now available for download and use.

The Apple version can be found here, and the Android version can be found here.

PotatoSizeThe app is available globally, and requires very little equipment or training - all you have to do is group the potatoes so that they are not overlapping and make sure that they are relatively clean (no need to polish them!). The only other thing you will need is an A4 sheet of paper lying next to the potatoes. Then you take a photo, press a button on the app and all the rest is done for you. Results are available as a graph and a table. You can also upload and view your old image analysis results.

We are keen to hear from users about their experience with the app, and about any suggestions for additional functionality they would like to see. The app will be updated over time and our goal is to make it as useful as possible while keeping the overall system simple and easy to use.

The PotatoSize app is intended to provide information relating to potato cropping and the James Hutton Institute disclaims any liability for decisions made by the user based on the use of the app, or for any data loss that occurs through hardware or software failure.

For further details or to provide feedback, please contact For advice on how to appropriately sample your crop and take a photograph, contact




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