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List of Archived Projects

Below is a list of archived projects the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences group have been involved with.

The LandscapePartners Project (Archived Project)
Ecosystem Approach Review (Archived Project)
Prospects for Farmers’ Support: Advisory Services in European AKIS (PRO AKIS) (Archived Project)
DICE – Developing an Interdisciplinary Culture of Excellence (Archived Project)
Gender, green space and wellbeing (Archived Project)
Evaluating CREW (Archived Project)
Exploring the landscapes of governance for rural community empowerment in Aberdeenshire (Archived Project)
FarmPath – Farming Transitions: Pathways towards regional sustainability of agriculture in Europe (Archived Project)
Foodscapes (Archived Project)
OrkCEmP - Orkney Community Empowerment Project (Archived Project)
Understanding and reducing rural-urban conflicts: governing outdoor access (Archived Project)
Towards European Societal Sustainability (TESS) (Archived Project)
Developing a method to provide data on culverts for the Scottish Detailed River network initiative (Archived Project)
The contribution of green and open spaces in public health (Archived Project)
Technology to support Older adults – Personal and Social interaction (TOPS) (Archived Project)
Sustainable Estates for the 21st Century (Archived Project)
HUNTing for Sustainability (Archived Project)
Piloting a Water Restoration Park in Scotland (Archived Project)
Review of the economics of sustainable land management measures in drinking water catchments (Archived Project)
Exploring barriers to natural flood management (Archived Project)
Learning Landscape Partnerships (Archived Project)
TRANSGRASS: A transdisciplinary platform and toolkit for understanding and managing grasslands as socio-ecological systems (Archived Project)
RURALREIN (Archived Project)
MANECO (Archived Project)
MAJI: More Action for Just Initiatives for Climate Change Adaptation in Southern Africa (Archived Project)
Impacts of Household Incomes on Food Demand in Developing Countries: A Meta-Analysis (Archived Project)
MAGIC “Moving Towards Adaptive Governance in Complexity: Informing Nexus Security" (Archived Project)
Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA) (Active Project)
Exploring how to integrate goals for water management (Active Project)
SALSA – Small farms, small food businesses and sustainable food and nutrition security (Active Project)
PLAID Peer-to-peer Learning: Accessing Innovation through Demonstration (Active Project)
Communities and Wellbeing: Local Assets, Local Decisions and Community Resilience (Active Project)
Balancing multiple goals in natural resource management (Active Project)
Web-based mapping for open access - building capacity and exploring user preferences (Archived Project)
Demographic change in remote areas (Active Project)
Monitoring and Evaluation for Ecosystem Management (MEEM) - Comparing theory and practice across Europe (Active Project)
NEWBIE - New Entrant netWork: Business models for Innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience in European agriculture (2018-2021) (Active Project)
NEFERTITI: Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake through Demonstration (2018-2021) (Active Project)
AgriLink - Connecting farmers, advisers and researchers for productive and sustainable agriculture (Active Project)
UnderStories - Storying woodland use, management and expansion in the Cairngorms National Park (Active Project)
Place-based policy and implications for policy and service delivery (Active Project)
ESPON ESCAPE - European Shrinking Rural Areas: Challenges, Actions and Perspectives for Territorial Governance (Active Project)
Learning and Change Through Monitor Farms (Active Project)
NEWBIE - Background (Active Project)
NEWBIE - New Entrant netWork - Events (Active Project)
The Newbie Award (Active Project)
Newbie UK Case Studies (Active Project)
Digitalisation Economic and Social Impact in Rural Areas - DESIRA (Active Project)
ROADMAP (Active Project)
Enhancing food security (Active Project)
MOVING - MOuntain Valorisation through INterconnectedness and Green growth (2020-2024) (Active Project)
UK Food and Nutrition Security During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic (Active Project)
Rural Water Security (Active Project)
MERLIN - Mainstreaming Ecological Restoration of freshwater-related ecosystems in a Landscape context: INnovation, upscaling and transformation (Active Project)
Galvanising Change via Natural Capital (Active Project)
LOWINFOOD – Multi Actor Design of Low-Waste Food Value Supply Chains (Active Project)
Scaling and Mainstreaming Nature-based Solutions (Active Project)
Bringing in participatory approaches to widen the scope of natural capital valuation (Active Project)
Enabling inclusivity in biodiversity narratives (Active Project)
DigiEthics: Navigating Digital Ethics for Rural Research (Active Project)
Exploring the potential of Regional Farm and Rural Support Groups to stimulate Green Finance Markets (Active Project)


Areas of Interest

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