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This research will analyse the challenges and conflicts related to reindeer herding in Central Norway

Reindeer herding and commodification of the outfields in Southern Sami areas- Challenges to established rights and practices (RURALREIN)

Central Norway has substantial tracts of land used for reindeer hearding and problems surrounding pressure on outfield resources in the Southern Sami areas has increased in recent years. The main objective of the research is to analyse how changes in use of the outfield land in Southern Sami areas challenges established practices of property rights among herders, farmers, landowners and authorities, and how these challenges affect further land use and land use conflicts.

Project Aim

The premise is to analyse the challenges and conflicts related to reindeer herding in Central Norway in relation to structural changes and changing conditions for agricultural industries as a whole.

Project Objective

The project will concentrate on areas where challenges and land conflicts are mainly related to development in outlying areas in the form of cabins, road uncultivated tourism and other recreation-related traffic. Another objective is to compare and analyse the interpretation of the social contract regarding reindeer herding and agriculture respectively for policy, practice and management in the outfields. To analyze these issues in a broader context, we will compare the challenges faced in the Southern Sami areas with the challenges we face in the Crofting areas of Scotland. This will shed light on the conflicts and challenges related to conflicts between"ethnic" and "rural" interpretations and practices in relation to political and normative changes in an increasingly neoliberal society. The methodology was in-depth interviews with Sami reindeer herders, relevant NGOs, planners and other government officials.

This project ran from January 2011 to December 2014.

Funded by: the Norwegian Research Council

Project leader: Katrina Rønningen, Centre for Rural Research, Norway

Project team: Katrina Rønningen, Frode Flemsæter, Bjørn Egil Flø, Katrina Myrvang Brown (James Hutton Institute contact)

Affiliates: James Hutton Institute,Scotland, NILF, NINA, University of Oslo, University of Newcastle, UK


Project Information
Project Type: 
Archived Project


Areas of Interest

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