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Detecting changes in deer numbers in space and time

Image showing Deer stags on a skyline - Copyright Justin Irvine
Detecting changes in deer numbers in space and time

Hind CullsWe report here on a pilot study to identify whether available management information can be used to assess trends in the abundance, culling levels, distribution and habitat preferences of red deer (Cervus elaphus L.), in order to determine whether further research into the drivers of change might be warranted.

Stag Culls These two animations show the locations and numbers culled (size of black spot) for stags and hinds separately on North Chesthill from 1998 to 2005. (as well as 2014 for stags). Data for neighbouring estates is  only available at the estate level (not georeferenced within the estate) from 2005-2013

have a look at @GlenLyonDeer for updates

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