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Developing an economy-wide model to evaluate impacts of Common Agricultural Policy reform

Rural landscape

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Keith Matthews

Project Summary

Focussing on the Common Agricultural Policy reform, this research activity is concerned with developing an economy-wide computable general equilibrium (CGE) model to quantify impacts the policy reform on Scottish farming sector. The key motivation behind the choosing an economy-wide modelling framework for evaluating impacts of CAP reform lies in the need to capture inter-sectoral feedback effects on the non-agricultural sectors, which has become particularly due to a growing importance of non-agricultural activities in the Scottish rural economy. Similarly, the accounting for feedback effects would enable to trace interregional effects or urban-rural interaction effects of the policy reform.

The research activity constitutes the Policy and Macro-business Environment Analysis sub-module of the RERAD funded research programme on Environment - Land Use and Rural Stewardship, part of Work Package 3.1.

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Active Project


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