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Enhancing food security

Enhancing food security
Beach on Pabbay, Outer Hebrides. (Photographer: Steve Addy. © James Hutton Institute)

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 requires every local authority to prepare a food growing strategy for its region to identify areas that could be used to grow food, and to describe how community growing, especially in areas which experience socio-economic disadvantage, can be increased. This statutory legislation shows how interest in food growing and urban agriculture has been increasing in recent years.

The benefits of food growing for individual and community health and wellbeing are well documented. Less well understood is the role that food growing can potentially play in enhancing food security at macro (community and region) and micro (household and family) levels.

Social researchers from the James Hutton Institute have been looking at food growing and community food hubs to better understand the relationships between food growing, urban food systems and enhanced food security. The research also examines the role of food growing and food-projects to address social issues including loneliness, isolation, mental and physical health, climate change and community cohesion.
The research is part of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Research Programme (2016-2021) where it forms part of Work Package 3.3: Food Security.

This page will be used to share research outputs from the work.
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Written outputs
Enquiry into local food growing Summary

Local food growing and household food security

Public perceptions on locally grown food


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SEFARI – Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research InstitutesSEFARI is the collective of six Scottish world-leading Research Institutes working across the spectrum of environment, land, food, agriculture and communities – all topics which affect how we live our lives, in Scotland and beyond.


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