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Greenhealth (Environment and Human Health – EHH)

The aim of this project was to test the importance of factors associated with public and individual perceptions, and actual measures, of the environment, and measures of its character, directly related to people’s health and well-being. It was funded by the Scottish Government and ran from 2009-2012.

Project Objectives

To inform assessments of the effects of land and environmental management policies on the provision of environments that are conducive to good public health and well-being, and the role that quality can play in the benefits of green spaces.


Mixed methods were used including secondary data analysis, GIS mapping, policy analysis, qualitative and quantitative surveys and the biometric data of cortiosol readings

Key Findings

There was knowledge exchange between stakeholders and public. Community awareness of links between management for green/open space and public health and well-being was raised along with a raised awareness of capabilities for public participation in community planning.

Key Contacts

David Miller; Liz Dinnie; Katrina Brown; Sue Morris


Project Information
Project Type: 
Archived Project


Areas of Interest

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