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NEWBIE - New Entrant NetWork: Best New Entrant Business Award

Newbie project logo
Newbie Project logo
The overall goal of the NEWBIE network is to enable new entrants to successfully establish sustainable farm businesses in Europe


The Application Period for the 2018 Best New Entrant Award is Now Closed

Thank you to all of the new entrants who submitted an application! The 2018 submission cycle is complete. Thank you for your patience while the selection process takes place. If you are a new entrant in the UK with an inspiring model, the award competition will re-open in a future round.  Please check this website for future updates and details. Also, follow the @NewbieUK Twitter or Facebook group to stay informed and connected.

Award Overview

Annual competitions will be held in each country to identify successful new approaches that show innovative new entrant business models. Applicants will be able to apply for the award (see below for eligibility) a short list will be drawn up by the National Steering Groups (NSG). The short listed applicants will be interviewed either at their establishment or at a central Office before the NSG select the winners to be chosen and press releases created. Award winners will be featured in National Farming press and on national and project web-sites.

All applicants will be expected to register as a member of the Newbie Network. The Newbie network will create a network of new entrants and professionals who work in the relevant sector across Europe.

National Award

The award includes €500 towards training or an international visit, costs associated with making a farm video, a plaque for display on-farm and the opportunity to attend a Newbie conference with other national winners from across Europe. The conferences will be held in 2019 and 2021, and include opportunities for training, learning about new business models and networking with other new entrants and their supporters. Applicants will need to submit an application and as well as be registered on the Newbie registration system. Please see below for details.

ID on the NEWBIE registration system

The registration system is intended to provide the Newbie researchers with an overview of new entrants to farming in Europe. You will be asked a few questions regarding your business and/ or your professional background. Information provided will be kept confidential to the research team and will be stored in secure files, in keeping with data protection regulations. Registrants will have the opportunity to participate in Newbie events, a facebook group and receive information about relevant publications, tools etc.


Application forms will be short-listed, and the top five selected for a farm visit or interview to discuss the business approach. Applicants will have the opportunity to participate in video production of their business approach. Short-listed applicants will be featured on the Newbie website and in national press. The final award will be announced in February 2019.

Eligibility criteria

  • Open to individuals or groups who have been operating a farm or croft business for 10 years or less.
  • The business approach must have been in place for two years or more (i.e. there must be evidence of the ‘success’ of the business approach).
  • Any age farmer is eligible
  • The approach must make use of agricultural resources (e.g. care farming, farm diversification actions are included); the business should primarily be located on a farm.
  • The business can be a whole farm approach, or new business activity within an existing farm operation (as long as this activity is owned by the new entrant).

Evaluation criteria

  • Novelty/Originality of product, market and or/service offered
  • Apparent profitability and other societal impacts
  • How well does it address the key barriers to new entrants (e.g. access to land, labour, markets, profitability?)
  • Replicability by other new entrants
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Future Project


Areas of Interest

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