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Support equine grass sickness research

Support equine grass sickness research

Equine grass sickness is thought to kill one in 200 horses in the UK every year. But the true numbers are not known and the cause a mystery, so we need your help. 

The James Hutton Institute is supporting work by Moredun Research Institute and the Equine Grass Sickness Fund to discover if the cause is within the plants and soils that horses graze on.

We are processing and storing soil samples taken over a three-year period at a hotspot for equine grass sickness in Aberdeenshire. They will be kept in controlled storage facilities in our unique National Soil Archive – which already contains soil samples from every 5sq km of Scotland. This will mean they are available, alongside biological samples taken from horses who have suffered from this devastating illness, to scientists researching this terrible disease for at least two decades, as part of the Equine Grass Sickness Biobank.

We have the unique soil archive facilities at our Craigiebuckler campus, but processing samples so that they can be used by scientists over the next two decades takes time and costs money.

If you can help support this work, even with a small donation, you could be providing that critical piece of evidence that is needed to unlock the mystery of this devastating horse disease.

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