Advanced Plant Growth Centre

The Advanced Plant Growth Centre (APGC) is a project championed by The James Hutton Institute alongside industry and academic partners. As part of the Tay Cities Region Deal funding, the APGC received an overall investment package of £27 million to develop two Institute-led innovation centre projects.

It aims to harness the entrepreneurial spirit within the agriculture, food and drink sectors and enhance their collective capability and innovation. Our world leading plant and data science sits at the heart of agricultural, pharmaceutical and commercial developments, supported and enhanced by technological and digital innovation.


Our researchers will use the phenotyping equipment to understand how different environmental conditions affect plants at the molecular level.
Our high-throughput non-destructive imaging platform is a fully-automated system that can grow crops in controlled environments then characterise them.
Indoor vertical ecosystem that allow plants and crops to be produced at very high densities in totally controlled environments.
Allows crops to be developed with improved storage and supply chain characteristics as well as being resilient in the field.
Our next-generation controlled-environment facilities include growth cabinets, growth rooms, a speed breeding facility, polytunnels and glasshouses.