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Andrea Britton

Staff picture: Andrea Britton
Ecological Sciences
Ecological Sciences
Plant Ecologist
+44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


Andrea Britton is a senior post-doctoral research scientist in the Ecological Sciences Group.

Current research interests

Andrea's primary interests lie in the biodiversity and functioning of upland and especially alpine ecosystems, and the changes occuring in these ecosystems as a result of human influences including pollutant (nitrogen and sulphur) deposition and climate change.

Recent projects have included:

  1. Using long-term re-survey approaches to quantify change in Scottish upland and mountain plant communities and the role of climate change, pollution and grazing impacts in driving change.
  2. A long-term experimental study of the impact of nitrogen addition, climate change, grazing and burning on the vegetation and biogeochemistry of alpine Calluna heath (the Culardoch study).
  3. A UK wide study of the impacts of nitrogen deposition on above and below ground biodiversity and carbon and nitrogen cycling in alpine Racomitrium (moss) heath.
  4. Studies of the potential use of translocation as a tool to conserve populations of alpine lichens in the face of climate change.

Much of Andrea's research is strongly policy relevant or applied, for example contributing to the evidence base underpinning UK air polution policy. Many research projects are carried out in collaboration with government agencies or conservation organisations. Andrea has also supervised a number of PhD students and visiting researchers.



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