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Duncan White

Ecological Sciences
Ecological Sciences
Laboratory Manager - Microbiology
+44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


Duncan is a microbiologist with over 25 year's experience. Working within the Ecological Science Department in Aberdeen he is in charge of the Microbiology and Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Current research interests

Originally a microbial taxonomist, Duncan's research has taken him above and below ground to include microbial soil biodiversity and biological control against such diverse plant pathogens as Botrytis and Downy Mildew. Duncan's current research has again taken him underground and his work is focussed upon soil biodiversity and ecosystem function and the impact of the application of treated sewage sludge to soil.


  • Taylor, Andy F. S.; Freitag, T.; Robinson, Lucinda J.; White, Duncan (2021) Advances in measuring soil health, Book chapter entitled "Characterisation of fungal communities and functions in agricultural soils"
  • Dawson, L.A.; Towers, W.; Owen, J.; White, D.; Coull, M.C.; Ross, J.M.; Donnelly, D.; Cooper, P. (2010) Soils of the crofts., In: Dawson, L.A., Morrice, J. & Rodway, P. Soils of the Crofts. The James Hutton Institute Publication with Crofting Connections, Aberdeen, 130pp.

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