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Jenni Stockan

Staff picture: Jenni Stockan
Ecological Sciences
Ecological Sciences
Research Scientist
+44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


Dr Jenni Stockan is a Research Scientist within the Ecological Sciences Group. Jenni has over eighteen years research experience particularly within the field of insect ecology.

Invertebrates are integral to almost all ecosystems contributing to key processes such as nutrient cycling, natural pest control, pollination of crops and wildflowers and as a food source for other organisms. Jenni is interested in how key stressors such as climate change, land management, plant diseases and invasive species affect invertebrate abundance and assemblages and the impact this has on ecosystem services. Jenni currently coordinates the Biodiversity and Ecosystems for the Scottish Government Strategic Research Programme.


Current research interests

Current projects:

  • Resilient pinewoods
  • Conservation genetics of rare insects
  • Environmental Change Network
  • New agri-environment scheme options for pollinators
  • Long term effects of upland grazing

PhD Students:

  • Fiona Plenderleith "The consequences of tree diseases and mitigation options on connectivity for biodiversity"
  • Georgia Davies "Wood ants as keystone species: assessing ecosystem impacts during range expansion"


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