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Katrin Prager

Staff picture: Katrin Prager
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Honorary Associate
+44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


Katrin Prager is an interdisciplinary social scientist with a background in landscape planning, environmental management, and participatory agri-environmental policy making. She is a Honorary Associate and former leader of the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences Group (SEGS) department. Her work centres on the human dimensions of land management and the environmental consequences of land use on landscape, soils, biodiversity and water. She uses mixed-method approaches (qualitative and quantitative) to understand problems around landscape management and governance at different scales and the links between policies and actions on the ground.

Current research interests

Katrin's research interests relate to the interaction between social and ecological systems, institutions and governance in landscape and environmental management, as well as land manager attitudes and behaviour. Research interests include:

  • community engagement in natural resource management and rural development
  • participatory processes in agri-environmental policy making and implementation
  • adoption of soil and water conservation practices
  • citizen science and knowledge exchange.

Her blogs include Children as Researchers, an inventory of agricultural advisory services, researcher-practitioner discussion group (HLUEDG), and measuring interdisciplinarity.

Ongoing and recent projects

  • The development of co-creative capacity for addressing socio-environmental problems (2016-2017) – funded by SESYNC (Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, USA), lead: Allison Metz (National Implementation Research Network, North Carolina)
  • DeerUnit - Delimiting functional management units for partially migratory deer populations (2014-2018). I coordinate the workpackage on incentives and barriers to collaborative, cross-boundary deer management.
  • PRO AKIS – Prospects for Farmers’ Support: Advisory Services in European AKIS (2012-2015). See also the Research brief on AKIS in the UK.
  • Scottish Government Strategic Research Programme funded research (2011-2016):
    • Theme 3 “Land use” – in particular 3.6 Understanding land managers’ attitudes and behaviour towards the management of environmental assets and responding to climate change
    • Theme 8 “Vibrant rural communities” –  in particular 8.2 Governance and decision making for community empowerment in rural communities.

Past research


  • Compton, E.; Prager, K.; Beeton, R.J.S. (2009) Landcare bowling alone: Finding a future in the "fourth" phase., In: Contested Country: Local and Regional Environmental Management in Australia (eds. M.B. Lane, C. Robinson and B. Taylor). CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, pp147-160.
  • Gay, S.H.; Louwagie, G.; Sammeth, F.; Ratinger, T.; Marechal, B.; Prosperi, P.; Rusco, E.; Terres, J.; van der Velde, M.; Baldock, D.; Bowyer, C.; Cooper, T.; Fenn, I.; Hagemann, N.; Prager, K.; Heyn, N.; Schuler, J. (2009) Final report on the project - Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Conservation (SoCo)., European Commission, Luxembourg.
  • Prager, K.; Freese, J. (2009) Stakeholder involvement in agri-environmental policy making - Learning from a local- and a state-level approach in Germany., Journal of Environmental Management, 90, 1154-1167.
  • Prager, K. (2009) Landschaftspflege durch Verbände in Australien und Deutschland - Landcare in Australia and Germany - Comparison of the landcare groups and Landschaftspflegeverbande., Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung, 41, 89-96.
  • Prager, K.; Hagemann, N.; Helming, K.; Heyn, N.; Sattler, C.; Schuler, J.; Zander, P. (2008) Case Study Report Uckermark, Germany. WP2 - Case studies on soil/ land management and policy measures., WP2 - Case Studies on Soil/ Land Management and Policy Measures. SoCo Project.
  • Prager, K.; Nagel, U.J. (2008) Participatory decision-making on agri-environmental programmes - A case study from Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany)., Land Use Policy 25, 106-115.
  • Hauesler, S.; Prager, K.; Nagel, U.J. (2007) Interessenvertretung im Agrarumweltbereich - Fallstudie Brandenburg., SUTRA-Working Paper 12, Humboldt University, Berlin, (DFG-Forschergruppe 497).
  • Prager, K. (2007) Communication processes in agri-environmental policy development and decision making., Series Kommunikation und Beratung 75. Weikersheim, Margraf.
  • Thiessen, S.; Prager, K.; Nagel, U.J. (2006) Mitwirkung von Umweltverbaenden an der Gestaltung von Agrarumweltprogrammen auf Ebene der Bundeslaender., SUTRA-Working Paper 11. Humboldt University, Berlin, (DFG-Forschergruppe 497).
  • Prager, K.; Nagel, U.J. (2005) Kommunikationsbeziehungen der Amter fur Landwirtschaft und Flurneuordnung im Bereich der Agrarumweltprogramme. Fallstudie Sachsen-Anhalt., SUTRA-Working Paper 7, Humboldt University, Berlin, (DFG-Forschergruppe 497).
  • Prager, K.; Nagel, U.J. (2004) Communication processes in agro-environmental policy development and decision-making. Case study Sachsen-Anhalt., SUTRA-Working Paper 2, Humboldt University, Berlin, (DFG-Forschergruppe 497).
  • Nagel, U.J.; Aenis, T.; Dosch, A.; Prager, K.; Toussaint, V. (2004) Zur wirkungsanalyse transdisziplinarer forschung., Ein Untersuchungskonzept der Nachhaltigkeit des Landnutzungsprojektes GRANO. Weikersheim, Margraf.
  • Prager, K. (2002) Akzeptanz von Mabnahmen zur Umsetzung einer umweltschonenden Landbewirtschaftung bei Landwirten und Beratern in Brandenburg., Series Kommunikation und Beratung 48. Weikersheim, Margraf.

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