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Mads Troldborg

Staff picture: Mads Troldborg
Information and Computational Sciences
Information and Computational Sciences
Research Scientist-Human & Ecological Risk Assesment
+44(0)1224 395 373 (direct)

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


I am an environmental engineer with interest and expertise in environmental risk assessment, uncertainty estimation and modelling of environmental systems. I obtained a PhD on "Risk assessment models and uncertainty estimation of groundwater contamination" from the Technical University of Denmark.

Methodologically, I have been working with many different types of modelling approaches, including multimedia models, stochastic modelling, and Bayesian statistical and geostatistical methods. I have applied these methodologies to various environmental problems, including modelling of contaminant fate and transport in soil and groundwater systems, risk assessment of soil and groundwater pollution, and evaluation and spatial mapping of the risk of priority soil hazards.


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