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Sue Jones

Information and Computational Sciences
Information and Computational Sciences
Computational Biologist
+44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Dundee DD2 5DA
Scotland UK


Senior computational biologist with research interests in the development and application of computational methods for virus diagnostics, functional genomics, transcription regulation and protein-nucleic-acid interactions.

Current research interests

My research interests are in virus diagnostics using RNA-seq data, the identification of cis-regulatory modules (CRMs) in gene promoters and protein function prediction. Recent and current projects include:

  • Workflow development for plant virus diagnostics using NGS data
  • Virus diagnostics in African groundnut
  • Prediction of DNA-binding effectors from plant pathogens
  • Identification of CRMs in heat stress genes from crops
  • Identification of epitopes in parasite proteins and their potential display sites in virus like particles

Past research

Past research projects (during my time as Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex, UK) have included

  • analysis and prediction of proteins that bind to RNA using sequence information
  • modelling protein-protein interaction sites using 3D structure information
  • identification of candidate genes involved in the interferon gamma response to Tuberculosis
  • identification of responsive elements in the Epstein Barr Virus genome as targets of epigenetic reprogramming.


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