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Zisis Gagkas

Staff picture: Zisis Gagkas
Environmental and Biochemical Sciences
Environmental and Biochemical Sciences
Postdoctoral Researcher
+44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


I am Macaulay Development Trust (MDT) Postdoctoral Fellow with a research background in catchment and soil hydrology and geospatial analysis working on the application of Digital Soil Mapping (DSM) techniques to hydropedology. My research aims to use DSM techniques to map water regulatory functions of soils in order to improve the predictions of river flows and solute movement through soils and substrates and as input to models of soil functions and environmental risk assessments.

Current research interests

  • Improve the spatial prediction of the Hydrology of Soil Types (HOST) classification system designed to predict river flows and as input into national scale risk mapping by using DSM techniques and machine-learning algorithms (e.g. Random Forests classifier).
  • Develop DSM techniques relevant to predicting water flow through soils by incorporating soil morphological data and explore methods to estimate their statistical uncertainty.

Past research

  • Water Resources Management of Coastal Agricultural Environments - Resilience of Climate Change Impacts (AGROCLIMA)" (funded under Cooperation 2011/General Secretariat of Education and Research, Greece).
  • Participatory multi-Level Earth Observation-assisted tools for Irrigation water management and Agricultural Decision-Support (PLEIADES ) (funded by EU FP6).
  • Proactive Management of water systems to face drought and water scarcity in islands and coastal areas of the Mediterranean (PRODIM) (funded by EU INTERREG II).
  • Effect of broadleaf woodland cover on streamwater chemistry and risk assessments of streamwater acidification in acid-sensitive catchments in the UK (PhD research funded by the Greek State Scholarship foundation, University of Edinburgh).


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