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Alison Hester

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Recent publications

Staff picture: Alison Hester
Safeguarding Natural Capital Research Theme Leader
+44 (0)844 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK

Professor Alison Hester BSc MSc PhD FSB is the Research Theme Leader for Safeguarding Natural Capital, one of the Institute’s six Research Themes.

Current research interests 

Alison's own research interests and experience lie in applied biodiversity research, with a particular focus on plant:herbivore interactions and vegetation dynamics (particularly in forest/ upland systems), conservation and range management. She has extensive practical experience in the logistics of international research, for example, negotiating, establishing and servicing experimental sites in remote areas, community based management of natural resources, stakeholder consultations, multi-national workshops and policy communications.

Alison is skilled in science communication and networking, national and international project management. She is also an experienced facilitator, supervisor, trainer and external examiner. In recent years she has taken a lead role in bringing together and managing diverse teams of scientists in the highly interdisciplinary area of natural capital related research, both within the institute and through a range of international collaborations.She serves on several national and international Committees, Boards of Management and Steering groups, including the UK Biodiversity Science Committee, the Natural Capital Initiative Secretariat, the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy Natural Capital Committee and ALTER-Net: Europe’s Ecosystem Research Network.  She is also a Fellow of the Society of Biology.


Alison's highlighted publications

  • Relationship between fragmentation, degradation and native and exotic species richness in an Andean temperate forest in Chile., Rojas, I.; Becerra, P.; Galvez, N.; Laker, J.; Bonacic, C.; Hester, A.J., (2011) Gayana Botanica, 68, 163-175.
  • Current site characteristics: a framework for modelling native woodland potential., Hester, A.J.; Towers, W.; Donnelly, D., (2010) Glenfeschie Estate Habitats Restoration Seminar, Aviemore, 25 June 2010. Invited paper.

Alison's most recent publications

  • Biotic homogenization of upland vegetation: patterns and drivers at multiple spatial scales over five decades., Ross, L.; Woodin, S.; Hester, A.J.; Thompson, D.B.A.; Birks, H.J., (2012) Journal of Vegetation Science, 23, 755-770.
  • A collaboratively-derived science-policy research agenda., Sutherland, W.J.; Bellingan, L.; Bellingham, J.R.; Blackstock, J.J.; Bloomfield, R.M.; Bravo, M.; Cadman, V.M.; Cleevely, D.D.; Clements, A.; Cohen, A.S.; Cope, D.R.; Daemmrich, A.A.; Devecchi, C.; Anadon, L.D.; Denegri, S.; Doubleday, R.; Dusic, N.R.; Evans, R.J.; Feng, W.Y.; Godfray, H.C.J.; Harris, P.; Hartley, S.E.; Hester, A.J.; Holmes, J.; Hughes, A.; Hulme, M.; Irwin, C.; Jennings, R.C.; Kass, G.S.; Littlejohns, P.; Marteau, T.M.; McKee, G.; Millstone, E.P.; Nuttall, W.J.; Owens, S.; Parker, M.M.; Pearson, S.; Petts, J.; Ploszek, R.; Pullin, A.S.; Reid, G.; Richards, K.S.; Robinson, J.G.; Shaxson, L.; Sierra, L.; Smith, B.G.; Spiegelhalter, D.J.; Stilgoe, J.; Stirling, A.; Tyler, C.P.; Winickoff, D.E.; Zimmern, R.L., (2012) PloSONE, 7, e31824.
  • GreenHealth., Miller, D.R.; Morrice, J.; Aspinall, P.; Brown, K.; Cummins, R.; Dinnie, L.; Gilbert, A.; Hester, A.J.; Horne, P.L.; Mitchell, R.; Morris, S.; Roe, J.; Ward Thompson, C., (2011) RERAD, Scottish Government, Progress Report, 2010/11.
  • Woodlands., Quine, C.; Cahalan, C.; Hester, A.J.; Humphrey, J.; Kirby, K.; Moffat, A.; Valatin, G., (2011) In: UK National Ecosystem Assessment. Understanding Nature's Value to Society. Technical Report. Cambridge, UNEP-WCMC, Chapter 8, pp241-293.
  • Is the vegetation of the North-West Highlands changing? Results from a 50-year re-visitation study of major upland vegetation types., Ross, L.C.; Woodin, S.J.; Hester, A.J.; Thompson, D.B.A.; Birks, H.J.B., (2011) The Changing Nature of Scotland (eds. S.J. Marrs, S. Foster, C. Hendrie, E.C. Mackey and D.B.A. Thompson). TSO Scotland, Edinburgh, Chapter 36, pp429-434.
  • Ecology in the Scottish school curriculum., Lavery, A.; Easton, E.; Goulson, D.; Hester, A.J.; Higgins, P.; Marrs, R.; Rivington, M.; Thompson, D., (2010) A report to Scottish Qualification Authority.

Scientific posters/conferences

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  • Craigiebuckler Aberdeen AB15 8QH Scotland
  • Invergowrie Dundee DD2 5DA Scotland
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