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Mark Wilkinson

Staff picture: Mark Wilkinson
Environmental and Biochemical Sciences
Environmental and Biochemical Sciences
Flood Risk Management Scientist
+44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


I am a research scientist in catchment hydrology, specializing in flood risk management at source. Other interests include the design, implementation and data analyses/modelling of hydrological catchment monitoring experiments. For these catchment experiments to be successful, I consider local stakeholder involvement and the correct use of data driven hydrological models as vital components towards a successful uptake and a good understanding of the catchment processes at different scales. The current focus of my work is designing and investigating the impact of sustainable runoff management (through catchment [soft] engineering techniques and natural flood management) with the main aim to reduce and attenuate flood peaks. I am also interested in the multi-purpose benefits associated with these measures (such as for water quality). I currently coordinate research that aims to provide evidence to the Scottish Government for mitigating and adapting to flood risk using Natural Flood Management techniques. I have previously worked on several multi-scale catchment experiment programmes and the development of a runoff management decision support tool for communicating flood risk to end-users. I was recently involved in a proof of concept project designed to demonstrate that linking data, models and expert knowledge will provide cost effective answers to vital wide-ranging environmental issues. I have active water management research links in Europe, India, New Zealand and China. Alongside my work at the James Hutton Institute, I am also a committee member of the British Hydrological Society, the Meteorological Observing Systems‘ Special interest group, Royal Meteorological Society and the European Geosciences Union sub-division of Water Policy and Management.

Further information on my work and publications can be found on ResearchGate. (provides an up to date list of my publications).


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