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Ecological Sciences Blog

Ecological Sciences (ES) is a multi-disciplinary group of over 80 researchers with a unique breadth of scientific expertise, skills and knowledge in the ecology, physiology and systematics of microbes, lichens, fungi, plants, invertebrates and mammals. Away from the detailed science, the ES blog aims to provide some thoughts and ideas about the outcomes of our ecological research, how we do it, and the reasons why.

You could have it so much better…

Author: Rob Brooker

New research flavour combinations needed: marmite peanut butter, anyone?

Author: Rob Brooker

I’ve always been something of a generalist, interested in topics including plant ecophysiology, landscape scale conservation management, and global biodiversity policy. What I enjoy is bringing some of these...

Will the meadow maker work its magic?

Author: Rob Brooker

Remembering to nurture nature

Author: Rob Brooker


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The James Hutton Research Institute is the result of the merger in April 2011 of MLURI and SCRI. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.