Molecular physiology

We conduct fundamental research in model and crop plants to elucidate mechanisms underpinning the developmental and physiological processes that ultimately impact yield and quality.

  • Understanding mechanisms underpinning optimisation of resource capture and allocation in response to environmental shifts.
  • Understanding how developmental transitions are regulated by internal and external signals to optimise crop architecture and life cycle to the prevailing environment.
  • Understanding the co-ordinated regulation of nuclear and chloroplast genomes for the optimisation of photosynthesis under changing environments.
  • Identification of targets for the development of improved cultivars resilient to changing environmental conditions.
  • Identification of positive and negative regulators of potato tuberisation.
  • Identification of molecular components of potato tuberisation.
  • Extended understanding of the role of nutrient signalling in the regulation of floral transition.
  • Identification of new signalling cascades regulating photosynthetic adjustment to adverse environments.