Sandhya Devalla

Senior Analytical Chemist
Environmental and Biochemical Sciences
T: +44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

Sandhya has over 20 years’ experience in analytical chemistry. She completed her PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, India. She worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Chemistry department, Aberdeen University, looking at arsenic species bound to the lipids of a special breed of Seaweed-eating sheep. Sandhya worked at Marine Scotland Science for over 11 years where she was involved in the long-term monitoring and assessment of contaminants as well as developing analytical methodologies for metals and organic contaminants related to the marine environment using techniques such as ICP-MS, Laser-ablation coupled to ICP-MS and GC-MS. She joined the James Hutton Institute in 2015 initially undertaking commercial work for The James Hutton Limited. Since 2018, Sandhya has also been involved in research in the area of Microplastics. Sandhya is a Committee Member of British Standards Institution for BSI EH/3/2-Water quality- Physical, Chemical and Biochemical and a member of Food Standard Agency’s Register of Specialists in areas of analytical chemistry methods of analysis, organic and inorganic contaminants of food.

My current work involves both research and commercial activities. My research interests lie primarily in the area of Microplastics, with a particular focus on understanding the sources and behaviour of microplastics within the terrestrial environment, their effects on soil-plant-microbial interactions and development of effective bioremediation strategies to tackle plastic pollution that aligns with the principles of Circular economy. As part of commercial work, I liaise with clients from industries such as oil and gas, food, aquaculture and environmental, to deliver service and develop analytical methodologies that meets their specific requirements.

Past research

Past work (at Marine Scotland Science) involved, monitoring, assessment and development of analytical methodologies for metals and organic contaminants relevant to the marine environment.


Technical / contract reports

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