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Adam Calo

Staff picture: Adam Calo
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Postdoctoral Researcher
+44 (0)1224395407

Adam is a researcher in the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences (SEGS) research group. He is a scholar of food systems interested in the forces that shape agricultural landscapes, most notably the constraints placed on farming consituencies. For his disseration work at UC Berkeley, Adam focused on understanding the character of government and non-profit efforts to "create new farmers" amidst a global trend of aging rural communities. He is interested in how new entrants navigate a variety of access barriers like capital, land, and compliance with agriucltural regulations. In particular, Adam seeks to understand how new entrant farmers are (un)able to hurdle the land access barrier as regimes of private property and balooning land costs make small scale agriculture an increasingly trying land use category. 

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Current research interests

NEWBIE - New Entrant netWork: Business models for Innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience in European agriculture (2018-2021)

EPIC: The Scottish Government's Centre for Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks. ST2.4.1 Understanding attitudes to biosecurity: Exploring the challenges of bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) detection and response. This work will explore how cattle farmers in the Scotland are experiencing the scheme to eradicate BVD. Work will feed into the next phase of the BVD eradication scheme. Research is carried out through qualitative interviews and audio visual ethnographic methods.

Past research


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