Umar Farooq

MDT Fellowship: Green Finance
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
T: +44 (0)344 928 5428 (*)

Umar is a Senior Researcher specializing in Green Finance, based within the Social, Economic, and Geographical Sciences (SEGS) Department at The James Hutton Institute.

With over a decade of experience in academia, Umar's research has revolved around energy economics and sustainable finance. Umar's research at Hutton focuses on actionable strategies that contribute to a more sustainable financial and environmental future.

His Fellowship research will evaluate the benefits of green finance, exploring innovative financial strategies that drive environmental progress while safeguarding our economic interests.  Green finance has taken centre stage globally, and in Scotland, as it is hoped it can help tackle pressing environmental challenges like climate change, resource scarcity, and vanishing biodiversity.

Educational Background: Umar has a Phd in Finance and background in Business Economics.

Professional Journey: Prior to joining the Hutton, Umar worked in academia for more than a decade mainly focused on Green Finance and energy economics. Umar is experienced in qualitative and quantitative research methods, business case analyses with a focus on participatory research and stakeholder engagement.

Current Research Focus: Umar’s research is centered on the critical field of green finance, emphasizing its pivotal role in addressing pressing environmental challenges and fostering sustainable financial practices.  He seeks to understand multifaceted aspects of green finance, such as sustainable investments, financial products, and their impact on society, land management and environmental conservation.

Key Research Interests: Sustainable finance and investments; Land Management; Environmental conservation; Social and Community Benefits